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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fall Connections

The months of October and November when I was not in bloggyland, I was reconnecting in real life.

Connecting with family and cousins. Here we are having fun with my brother and his family. My family is truly one of my greatest blessings. So, so thankful for them. All of them!

Cousin time is always a big hit.
And sometimes not so much.

With my cousins and my brother's family here. It was fun to spend time with my cousins Josh and Tiffany. Josh got married and carried Tiffany straight to Hawaii where they could become island kids and begin their life together. I have gotten to know Tiffany online because well, it's daytime in Hawaii when I'm online :) I have loved, loved getting to know her this way and hope to spend lots more face to face time in the future.

Reconnecting with friends too. Here I am with Jennie at my twenty year high school reunion. I moved to a new high school as a sophomore and Jennie was my first friend. Knowing her brought me camaraderie and acceptance when each day was a little awkward. I love Jennie!
And Lainie, one of the girls I spent most of my junior year with as we were on the same drill team squad. We went to summer dance camp and roomed together when hazing was still legal and let's just say that I'm not sure I would've survived those senior girls without her. Love, love Lainie!

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