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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Deeper Water

"great crowds pressed in on him to listen to the word of God." Luke 5:1

Isn't this what we do? Press into Jesus to hear the word of God. I've often said, "Lord, let me press into you. Let me hear you. Reveal your word to me."

As the disciples pressed into Jesus to hear him speak, Jesus gave them a command. "Go out where it is deeper," he said. (Luke 5:4)

Although Simon Peter, James and John had been out fishing all night and catching nothing, they obeyed Jesus. They exercised obedience not because they thought they would catch something but because Jesus said so. Simon Peter even says, "I am willing to try again because you say so." Now, I don't feel so bad telling my children to do something simply "because I said so!"

Simon Peter then caught so many fish his nets began to tear and he had to call to shore for James and John to come help him. There was blessing in his obedience. Jesus was trying to build his faith and dispel his disbelief. He blessed him not for believing but for obeying.

I've seen Jesus do that for me. Call me deeper with him to a place that seems fruitless only to produce more fruit than I could ever imagine. He builds something out of nothing so that there is no question whose power it is at work.

The Bible says his immediate response when he realized what happened was to fall down and worship Jesus.

This was the selling out point for Simon Peter, James and John. Immediately after this they left their nets and followed Jesus.

When was your sell out point? The day you left everything to follow him? I'll save mine for another day but I'd love to hear yours!


Laura said...

I love this: As the disciples pressed into Jesus to hear him speak, Jesus gave them a command. "Go out where it is deeper," he said.

He calls me there every day, but often, I don't obey. I remember the day when I dropped my nets to follow Him. It's a long story, but suffice it to say...life has never been the same.

I hope you are well, sweet friend!

Joyful said...

"Press into Jesus". That phrase hit me the other morning as I read it too, and you have beautifully captured it's essence.

The call to "go out deeper" seems to continue. The deeper I go, the deeper there is still yet to follow.

At a young age I gave my life to Jesus, but my "sell out point" came much later as I abandoned all to follow Him. It came after a year of depression and searching, knowing there was something more I was missing, and finding a much deeper intimacy with the Lord.

I know He's calling me to deeper waters still,

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