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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of reuniting with some very special ladies. I got together with some ladies from Reinhardt Bible Church. That's the church I went to until I was in ninth grade.

I moved that next summer and lost touch with many wonderful friends. Friends I had known since preschool days. Friends I had gone to school with since kindergarten. Friends I saw every week and some every day.

Friends I shared a bunk with at camp every summer from first to ninth grade. Friends who rode that clunky old bus with me all the way to Detroit, Texas and Dale Hollow, Tennessee. The best kind of friends.

Friends who were with me celebrating the day I asked Jesus into my heart. Friends who watched my childlike faith take deep roots. Friends who sang silly camp songs and put on church plays.

Just really great friends.

It was a happy night. I was so jazzed that driving the three-and-a-half hour drive back home didn't seem so long. I shed a few tears just thanking God for Facebook. These were friends I never meant to lose touch with, ever. It's just that one can only talk on the phone so much...twenty-five years ago, there was no email, texting or Facebook. There was no way to keep up with everyone.

You can't even pass notes if you never see each other. So, some I got to go to their weddings because our parents still knew where we were. Others I sort of knew where they were but hadn't visited with the in awhile, a long while. Most of these ladies hadn't been hugged by me in twenty-five years! It was one amazing night!

A happy night, indeed.

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Rose Ann Coffey said...

Amen, it was an amazing time to see what beautiful young women you are today. So many memories, tell your moms hi. I am so glad I got to snap the picture. I love you all, Mom