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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Wasteland

Here lately I'm looking to align myself with people who have vision. If you have a dream, let's talk.

I've had a dream for many, many years. A dream I've spent many years afraid to voice. A dream I tried to secretly pursue because I did not have enough faith in the One who gives dreams to fulfill it.

I'm reading an awesome little book called The Dream Giver. A few days ago I read a chapter I just can't get past. I've reread it every day since. It's about the wasteland. I wept every.single.time. I read it.

I feel the need to unburden myself of some of the feelings I felt in the wasteland of my life. I am no longer living in the wasteland but have mourned the loss of time openly for quite some time here at Glad Chatter. So, let the unburdening begin...here goes.

I spent years, like an entire decade, living in a wasteland. Wasting. Years. Waiting. For something. Anything. To happen.

As my dream was wasting away here, in the dry, desolate, wasted space, my vision faded. Faded so much I almost lost it. I almost forgot my dream all together. This place sucked so much light out of my dream, it became a dim shadow I was straining to see instead of a bright beacon drawing me forward.

Until one day my eyes became so tired of straining in the night, I almost stopped looking. Just as I was looking down, God came and lifted my head once more.

I realized, just as the main character of this book, "Now I see that the wasteland was not a waste! It has taught me to trust the Dream Giver even when he's nowhere in sight." (p. 41)

And when we trust in what, or rather Who, we do not see we are exercising...faith. So it was that during the long, dark night that I met faith and became much stronger for the journey ahead.

What a joy that journey has been!

Praising the Dream Giver my wasted years were not a waste,
"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1


B His Girl said...

oh don't have time to read now but a rainbow feather....i'll be back. B

B His Girl said...

I think the Dream Giver book goes through the stages God uses in a dream. He knows you heart and dream. I am so glad you are reading it. Look for feathers and rainbows: ) b

Still Learning said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. I am so happy to see how it has blessed you so much! Don't you just love when something just hits you right between the eyes?


Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I had a dream to stay home with my kids...and now I'm living it!

Brian, Steph and Jada Lee said...

Hi Lisa,
Great stuff! I love that God doesn't waste time with us...He is so kind in each season! Thanks! I read your blog often and am thankful for your words!