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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Big Dreams in a Small Girl

As promised, tonight I'm revealing this powerful and life-changing book I am reading. It is called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.

Awhile back, okay years, the Lord told me to read the book. It was so long ago I don't even remember where I heard about it. But once I heard about it, I heard again and again and again. Barbara over at B's talked about it changing her life, my sister-in-law urged me to listen to it on CD and it came up on many a reading list in business seminars and professional and personal development conferences.

When I attended a conference last weekend, one of the challenges was to read fifteen minutes daily. Now, I gave up reading anything other than the Bible until I could be consistent about reading my Bible each day several years ago. Once I started reading my Bible daily, I figured I didn't have time to read much...er, at all. I contemplated the challenge and decided that reading my Bible qualified me for the challenge since I spend at least that much time in it.

But then. I was waltzing past the book table trying not to look because number one, I love books and number two, I don't have time to read. Right? When the book caught my eye. They had one copy of the one little book God had been calling me to read. Destiny? I think so!

The Dream Giver.

I have dreams. Big dreams. At least I had big dreams...When I was a small girl. I remember the pig-tailed school girl with missing front teeth who thought being on radio and talking to big audiences would be a blast. I remember lining up my stuffed animals from largest to smallest in rows across the top of my bed and speaking from scribbled notes all the elementary wisdom I thought they should hear. I remember filling up hundreds of spirals with squiggly lines, lining them up on a bookshelf and sitting down and signing my name on the first page of them all. That was my first book signing. And, to date, my only.

But that will no longer be a discouragement to me. It will become fuel to urge me to fully engage in what I was always meant to do. Speak. Write. Share. Teach. Think. Listen. Relate.

Over the past two years I have intentionally walked towards this personal goal step by small step. This year I spoke at some ladies events. I loved it! Honestly, teaching other ladies, sharing my heart, my journey, my mistakes, my triumphs is a great privilege that I will never take lightly and will give thanks for forever.

I"ve been speaking to the tens. Fifty here and fifteen there. When asked how I felt about the speaking engagements, my response was, "it is an awesome start." And I meant that. A great start to seeing a big dream.

Someone told me that God may not call me to speak to the hundreds. He may only call me to the tens. I agreed with an "Ummhmm."

But the truth is when I close my eyes, I see hundreds and even thousands coming to hear what the Lord will say to their hearts and coming to see what the Lord will do in their hearts. I see lots. I want to write lots. I dream big.

One of my favorite sayings is, "From small beginnings come great things."

The theme of my life is one that begins small and then grows. Larger. I've seen this theme played out over the years. I believe that the pattern will repeat itself. I have faith that the Dream Giver would not have put a big dream in my heart to dwell as a dim shadow. The Dream Giver I am intimately acquainted with gives dreams, all dreams, to beat brightly in our hearts as our faith grows.

Now, you might ask how do I know this dream is from the Dream Giver? The Bible is clear that there are certain disciplines we are to practice to live fully in God's will. We must spend time in Bible study, pray, fellowship with other believers, serve others, help the needy, share the gospel, practice hospitality and quite a few others. Beyond that, I believe that my personal relationship with a living and speaking God connects me to His throne. Prayer being the lifeline that takes me there. Faith giving me the courage to hear his voice. The Word of God being the standard for which everything I hear is judged and measured.

Remember the "given much" theory? Much blessing given, much responsibility required. Here is the beginning of that.
"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..." Luke 16:10


B His Girl said...

I believe God has given you a dream that can only be realized in walking by faith in what He tells you to do. The Dream Giver book is so anointed. Find out where you are in your journey Lisa. Watch out for things that distract you from moving forward. God is with you in the journey. I pray all His dreams for you are walked out to the fullest. Love you, B

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed reading your blog...I had a few hours to blog hop tonight and enjoyed yours

Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog. There is a great giveaway this week. http://grammyababychangeseverything.blogspot.com

Rose Ann Coffey said...

Read this book a couple of years ago. Ask God to send you a feather. Love, Mom

Lelia Chealey said...

Will have to get this book in 2010 when I can buy more books. :)
I too have this dream and have had in my heart for years. Years.
Thank you for this wonderful encouragement.

You asked me how the One Day Bible reading is going...I've read one day of it so far. I need to do it!