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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love

I am so enjoying reading my one-year Bible right now. Every.single.day I find awesome descriptors that capture passionate emotions inside my heart.

My mom was commenting how hard the reading was. Jeremiah's message was so hard to hear, so hard to deliver. The sinful times and sinful people were so hard to watch. Ahem.

Sin is all around us. What is the message we have to deliver? Is it hard? I mean, sin still has consequences. 

And, God still has messages for His people.

Daniel walked so closely with the Lord and the Lord "revealed deep and mysterious things" to him. Jeremiah was able to confidently deliver his hard message because "the Lord stood beside him like a great warrior."

Not able to hold back these painful words, Jeremiah boldly spoke the words God placed in his mouth because "God's word burned in his heart like a fire."

Lord, make me able to do all you've called me to do. As we spend time together "reveal deep and mysterious things...secrets" to me. "Stand beside me like a great warrior." Please continue to give me words because "your word burns in my heart like a fire."

Most of all thank you for loving me with "an everlasting love."

Daniel 2:22 & 28
He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in darkness...God reveals secrets.

Jeremiah 20:9, 11 & 12
His word burns in my heart like a fire. It's like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can't do it!...But the Lord stands beside me like a great warrior...he tests those who are righteous and examines the deepest thoughts and secrets.

Jeremiah 31:3
I have loved you with an everlasting love, with unfailing love i have drawn you to myself.


B His Girl said...

I want His word to burn in me as well. B

Melanie said...

Me, too. I mean "Amen."

Laura said...

Amen, Lisa! An everlasting love...ahh, yes.

Edie said...

Oh Lisa this is the cry of my heart. For His word to burn in my and to learn the deep things of God. Wonderful post! Now I want to go spend some time with Him. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank God! He is an All Consuming Fire, come baptize our hearts!

I love it Lisa! Just reading it makes me want to pace around the room!


Lelia Chealey said...

This is so encouraging to me because my Mom gave me a One Year Bible and is just sits. She loves hers so much. There are so many times I just look at my Bible and not no where to turn to. The One Year will definitely give me some direction. I read it, but sometimes I don't spend time in it outside of the study I'm doing. Thank you so much for encouraging me. I will start today. Do you think I can just start at the current date or should I play "catch up" from January? Let me know what you think on that please. :)