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Thursday, August 06, 2009

April's Top Ten

No, this is not a post filled with the top ten memories in photos of my family in April.  Nor is it a longing for breezy spring days. 

This is a post dedicated to praying for my friend April. I'm repeating it today and here's the top ten reasons why.

10. I need sleep. I still have some work to do for the hubs and it's already late and I'm tired. Enough said.

9. There's a mountain of laundry staring at me with a mocking expression.

8. It's 12:27 AM and one child is still awake laying in my lap as I type. You guess who.

7. I'm not a day ahead in my One Year Bible. I like to be at least a day ahead. It makes me feel good when I see that little date and I'm early.

6. I still have graduation cards to write.

5. Desire to finish reading Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Missing Necklace to Julia.

4. Need to write articles for work since I'm not going in to the office much this week.

3. I want to spend time with the hubs.

2. April "friended" me on Facebook today.

1. April really needs our prayers. 

Originally posted on July 3:  Her Story is HiStory
I have a friend who is battling cancer right now.  She has a story worth hearing.

April has been battling cancer for about two and a half years.  She has an almost-two-year-old daughter, Jordan.  April is a beautiful woman on the inside and out that I just can't stop praying for.  She was at a retreat I was at in April and although, she knew she had a tumor, she didn't know what the future would hold. Here's her story. (What I know of it and I hope I don't butcher it!)

A little over two years ago, April became pregnant.  During the course of that pregnancy, April's doctor found some cancer.  That doctor and all other doctors told April she needed to "terminate the pregnancy" in order to save herself. She needed to begin chemo immediately.

Against all medical advice, she chose to continue with the pregnancy giving Jordan life.  She trusted God with her own. All doctors told her that her baby would be sick having many birth defects so this was not a wise decision.  April values life like God does and had peace with her choice.

Jordan was born healthy. All of April's doctors publicly declared this a miracle. April underwent cancer treatment and went into remission. The cancer did not return and God received much glory. 

The testimony was powerful. Make God's choices your own, God's values your own and He will bless you.

And then.  Just a few months ago the cancer returned. With a vengeance.  It is inoperable.  

What happens to the story at that point? April has been determined that God will get glory in her life. As she fights this horrible disease with all of her strength, many, many others are praying. They are holding up their swords while down on their knees as they proclaim the word of God in prayer. A common thread through the prayers has been, "Let April live!"

We all know that it doesn't matter how things look to the medical world or those watching. There are others watching in expectation for God to do something big and something great.

I'm not sure how the cancer will be treated. In the last two months April has undergone extensive surgery to learn about the tumor which has attached to the bone, stayed in the hospital for many, many weeks trying to manage pain, taken much medication with horrendous side effects and been unable to care for her family in the way she desires.

Each time I pray for April, I see the same vision. I close my eyes and there it is. April is sharing her story with groups of women. I do not know April's story beyond what I have shared here. I really don't know April except a few smiles, tears and prayers at one women's retreat in April.
But I have begun to pray that God would use her story. 

This is the conversation I had with God.

Lord, use her story.
Her story is my story.
Yes, Lord, I know that.  Use this suffering for your glory.
Do you know what my story is?
Yes, Lord, your story is His Story.
Pray that.
Lord, please make her story HiStory.

Please join me in praying that her story would be his. History. I am specifically praying that the cancer part of her story would be history. His story. Told. To others. Shared. With power.

Would you join me? 

"Your very life is a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it—not with ink, but with God's living Spirit; not chiseled into stone, but carved into human lives—and we publish it." 2 Corinthians 3:3

PS There is a Facebook page called "Prayer Warriors for April Grant" that you can join and get regular prayer updates. 

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Christiana said...

Praying for a miracle.