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Thursday, July 16, 2009

While She was Gone

Yesterday was that day. The summer day I've been praying for, longing for and craving after since last year.

We took care of the day's business, well, some of it anyway and set off for the neighborhood pool. My children are fish, I tell you!

I watched Hunter as he swam an entire lap in the pool. I marveled about how tired he would be because of the amount of swinging, flailing and kicking out of the water that he did. When he finished he swam right up to us and announced, "Want me to do that again?"

Alyssa and I just stared at each other quizzically and giggled.

Alyssa then said, "My turn."

I thought to myself as she was swimming how tired her legs would be because her arms didn't move at all. She swims with her head out of the water, her feet kicking a hard, mean kick and her arms resting in place as a pillow for her sweet face.

When she finished she dramatically announced, "My arms feel like fruit roll-ups! and my heart feels like it's exploding outside my chest." She's always been one for theatrics.

As I gave her a questioning glance, she raced off to show me her flip off the side and pencil off the board.

Fish. I tell you. Fish.

1 comment:

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

How awesome that they love to swim- and are good at it! I can't wait until all mine are able to swim independently- so we can all enjoy it together!