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Friday, July 17, 2009

My Sisters Keeper (and My Brothers)

I saw My Sister's Keeper this week. I knew nothing about it going in the theater except that it would be sad. So sad.

It did not disappoint.

I had to go to the eye doctor and get new contacts the next day I cried so hard. True story.

Before I go any further just let me say that I really didn't want to see the movie. I did, however, want to see my precious friends. So to the movie I went.

The movie opens with an introduction to the characters. One introduces her family to the viewer. Her last sentence of this opening scene is, "This is my family. We are slightly dysfunctional but everybody loves each other."

Throughout the course of the movie I saw something. Dysfunction is a nice way of saying sin. My family is sinful but we love each other. Something like that. 

Whether we struggle with emotional issues, physical issues, addiction issues or mental issues, all families struggle. There are elephants in every room. Some large, looming, stepped over and talked around. Some addressed, dealt with and minimized.

But they are still there.

The elephant in this movie is that a young girl, somebody's sister, daughter and friend, is dying of cancer.

This movie made me sad for the most part because of the secular world view. The questions raised about creation and death astounded me. I left the movie feeling extremely sheltered. There was such utter hopelessness as a result of no true belief system.

I left this movie determined. Ready to convey some foundational truths. This fictional family could've been so different if they had but believed three basic truths.

1. God is sovereign. We are all appointed a time to live and a time to die. Nothing escapes his hand. God is in control not us. Psalm 139

2. God is good. Knowing God's character and clinging to it in trials and suffering reminds us that we are not forgotten. Each situation can be used for his glory. Even cancer. Cancer is a symptom of a fallen world filled with sinful people. Death, disease and sickness came into the world as a result of sin. God is, was and will always be good. That is his character. Psalm 145:7

3. Jesus died once for all so that we might be reunited with Him after death. All who believe in Him and have a personal relationship with Him will go to heaven after death. Hebrews 9:25-27

I have a Book chalk full of great advice, truth, for those movie makers but these three things would have been enough to help this movie's family. 

These three things will be enough to help my family should we come on hard times.

I'd also like to address the fact that I have never dealt with cancer in the way of this movie, a terminally ill child or many of these hard and heavy issues. Like I said, I'm totally sheltered. Blessed. Naive. Sheltered. I'm not saying how I would act, nor am I criticising anyone in this situation. I'm just saying I know these truths now and pray they would dictate my actions.

So in response to the movie, I'm going to be tending my responsibilities with a little more care. Since my husband and children are also my brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm going to be keeping them a little better. Starting with teaching them these three foundational truths. 

Truths that will be ever before the people in my house. I will intentionally live them, speak them, teach them. 

We will praise God for making us unique, planning our entire lives before us and for giving us Jesus as an atonement for our sins.

I'll be teaching them a new chant. The one that goes like this. 
I say, "God is good."
You say, "All the time."
I say, "And all the time."
You say, "God is good."

From there we will launch into the Amen chorus.



Lelia Chealey said...

I haven't seen this movie yet, but really want to. I loved what you wrote here...
So in response to the movie, I'm going to be tending my responsibilities with a little more care. Since my husband and children are also my brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm going to be keeping them a little better.

Then what you pointed out. This was a great devotion to read this morning...thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Also...I wear contacts too so I found that funny...sorry. :)

Still Learning said...

Hi Lisa, it is very nice to meet you too. I happened upon your blog around midnight last night. I love it!!
You are so brave to see that movie. Just the previews for that movie made me want to cry. I couldn't watch it. I laughed out loud about your contacts, man, that must have been a lot of tears. ACK!!
I look forward to getting to know you.


His Girl said...

amen. amen. amen.

Rachel Kerbel said...

I LOVE this post. I have often wondered how people without Christ make it through hard circumsantces, and say to them 'you CAN have hope-in Christ!' You don't have to despair!! Thanks for your encouraging words!
I want to steal your words and post it on my blog!!!

texasmcvays said...

Amen, I do not know how non-beleivers can go through this sort of thing and not come out depressed. The thoguht of sinking into nothingness?? We are sheltered here and yet I still hope we are crying out in the wilderness...there is hope... a whole bunch of hope... a living hope... Christ!
Great post and I'll pray for the Yaya confrence this weekend. When you get back you need to come out to the country!

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