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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The King's Table

"Don't demand an audience with the king...It's better to wait for an invitation to the head table." Proverbs 25:6-7

The invitation is extended to us. Every day. An open invitation. To sit at the king's table. And dine. Feasting. Talking about the day. Pouring out hearts. 

As I pour out my own heart, the King of Kings listens.

Audience with the King.

We have it.

One thing that strikes me about the word invitation is that to be invited means you have advance notice of the event. You have time to prepare. Time to put on a special dress. Time to get excited. Time to think about what you will say and do and how you will act. Preparation.

How often do I demand that God listen to me. Asserting my rights as I vent my feelings, my needs, my list to the King. Demanding an audience.  Demanding He listen. Listen with the intent that something will be done to change things!!!

I know all too well what it feels like to not receive an invitation. It hurts. Feeling rejected and left out of the fun is a feeling I'd rather not have to experience again. Being set aside and passed over as another is chosen is a position I hate to hold. I can create my own place. I've become an expert at it over the years in an attempt to mask the pain I feel when I don't get the invitation. 

But still, even though I''m there, I hurt. I'm self conscious. Feeling as if I've barged in on someone else's party is not a great feeling either. So I've learned to wait. Wait for an invitation.

What refreshment comes when an invitation is offered! Extended. I love how restoration occurs when I've poured my heart out to God at his request. 

As I wait on his presence, he always offers an invitation. Sometimes it is to speak. Sometimes it is to sit. Sometimes it is to receive. Funny thing is all of those revive my heart in his presence.

"You prepare a table before me  in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows." Psalm 23:5


Lisa said...

An audience with the King. I like that. I haven't thought about it in those terms for some time. You've given me something to ponder today. :-)
Blessings ~ Lisa

Faye said...

Lisa, what a blessing your post was! Thank-u for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings, Faye

Christiana said...

So beautiful. What a joy to know that our presence is always celebrated at our King's feet.

And that's exactly what this post is - and what you are.

A Joy.

B His Girl said...

Feasting at His table in His Presence...it's all good. B

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

This post and the later one about feeling forgotten really spoke to me. The last few months have been hard, because God is really weeding out in me my dependence on other people for acceptance. I am having such a hard time with loneliness- feeling like everyone is always planning stuff and I am not included. Also having a hard time maintaining serving others over and over, but when I need help there is little reciprocation. Pray over that will you? I loved what you said about always being loved and having an audience with the King, and that He is always there to support me. I KNOW all that, just sometimes forget when "people" constantly push you away, even when they say how much they love you all the time. This girl who is so "loved" would just like someone to have coffee with or go to a movie with every once in a while :-)

Have a blessed day,