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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Freedom's Ring

In honor of the Fourth of July being Independence Day and all, I thought I'd rerun this blast from my past. Originally posted on last year's Fourth of July. Enjoy!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

About ten years ago, I received a prophecy. I didn't quite understand it at the time but as the Lord carries me forward, I can look back. And, as the old saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20."

As this wise woman of the Lord prayed over me she said she saw me taking an engagement ring off my finger and throwing it down in disappointment. She said she thought the ring was a representation of the promises of the Lord.

At the time, I knew I was disillusioned about some things, I just didn't want to admit it because I thought if it was hard to accept what God was doing in my life that it would mean I didn't love Him anymore. And, that, was the furthest thing from the truth...ever.

Now I can see that because my life wasn't particularly unfolding the way I thought it should, I was really questioning whether or not I truly believed if God and his promises are, in fact, good.

I did. I do.

I just couldn't see the goodness at the time. I had grown up in the church. I had been walking closely with the Lord for over ten years and I knew what "God's best" should look like in my life. I saw it all around me and others told me about it all the time. I just forgot to read the promise that tells us we can only see and know in part until God's revelation enlightens us. I was so unsure of myself, my calling, my purpose. I felt like my uniqueness was a curse, not a present, an invitation to freely be who I was created, by the only One who could set me free, to be.

I was ashamed of the way I felt and I didn't feel like I could take my questions to God, a very big God who can, in fact, handle my piddly, little questions. I was afraid of who I really was and just like Adam and Eve, I hid.

As the years have passed, I have become brave enough to voice my questions and wise enough to never forget that God's goodness is always evident if we see through his eyes. I have learned to fear the Lord and to question his ways less. I have learned that his ways are not ours and understanding everything would negate the need for faith.

I have left behind my preconceived notions of what a "blessed Christian life" looks like and learned to see the blessedness in my own Christian life.

I have learned to embrace the present, look toward the future and learn from the past and then simply leave it there.

In spite of the long way I have to go, I have experienced freedom's call and its release. I have picked up all the promises I so hastily threw down and have begun to let my life shamelessly dazzle with the sparkle of True Love.

As I placed that ring of promise back on my finger, the bells began to ring and my life had...the ring of freedom!


Denise @ A Sacred Longing said...

True freedom!


Lisa said...

Let freedom ring!
Blessings ~ Lisa

LisaShaw said...

Sweet Sister,

I enjoyed reading this and I pray a blessed 4th of July for you and your precious family.

Love you.