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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day on the Lake

We spent the Fourth of July at beautiful Lake Travis with some friends. Old and new.

Listening to the laughter of nine kids splashing in the lake was fun! Fearing one of my children was going to fall and bust it on a rock really badly, not so fun.

Watching the children float on the tube, try tricks and have a blast was fun! Seeing them bust it when the tube flipped, not fun at all.

Eating a meal sitting in the lawn chair soaking up some sun was fun! Carting enough stuff to stay there three days only to move it all again in three hours, not so fun.

Watching fireworks on the water was fun! Waiting hours to get the boat out of the water and up the ramp at the end of the day, not so fun.

Packing lightly and carrying bags up to the hotel was well, easy. Discovering that out of nine children three lost shoes in the lake and they were all my kids, not fun. Waiting until noon on 

Sunday for Old Navy next to our hotel to open so I could buy them new shoes, inconvenient, not fun.

Staying at a hotel with an awesome breakfast was fun. Having to leave before I was ready, not fun.

Coming home to a clean house was awesomely fun! Seeing it torn up after a good hour, not so much.

We had a great weekend. Makes me want to say it again, "I love summer!" 

Remember my camera bit the dust so I have no pictures but Andrew does so I'll update with pictures later. 


Laura said...

These are the moments that make life worth living! Sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy that sweet family!

Melanie said...

I enjoyed your fun/not fun recap!
3 kids lost shoes? Not fun...but funny in a "later it will be funny" kind of way.

His Hers Ours and Autism said...

Fun to read, my friend.