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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Softball on Cinco de Mayo

Tonight we had two softball games after a soccer practice. The girls played games starting ten minutes apart. Running back and forth provided comic relief during the slow innings. haha

Really, this has been a successful softball week.

Julia had a great hit last night and walked to score tonight. Last game Monday! By the way, her soccer season has been amazing. She found her groove a few weeks ago and has quickly and unanimously become the most improved player of the season. Her coach told her that her attitude had been so great she could pick her position. She did an awesome job playing midfield and defender. This has been a great season for her and for her team. The tournament is Saturday. Last year they went to the championship game and can do it again if they utilize teamwork!

Alyssa had a great night tonight too. She got to play catcher. Finally! After weeks of asking the coach, he let her catch tonight. She was so happy. I was so relieved. She has asked where he barely heard her and then tonight she caught him before the game, looked him in the eye and politely asked if he'd let her catch. He said yes. Catching filled her with so much confidence, she hit a single right to the shortstop, made it to second on an error (Can that be a double since she's only seven?) and scored one for her team.

When games ended around 9:00, we headed out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food for dinner. In my defense, it was too late to cook. Happy Cinco de Mayo, ya'll!


Denise said...

Yeah for the catcher!
Oh, that food looks yummy! Makes me miss our the delights we had in San Antonio! For some reason, it doesn't taste the same in MD.


LisaShaw said...


Your family is so richly blessed with the love and presence of GOD! Thank you for sharing the special moments with us.

Love you sweet one.

Yolanda said...

Way too late to cook, and in our little community the only thing open would be McDonald's and Sonic.

Bless you!!!

Lora said...

I rejoice with your daughter's delight in being the catcher!

And what a sweet picture of your family.

Laura said...

Hoo-ray for your girlies! I'm late on the Cinco de Mayo, but happies to you too. Glad those dreams are blooming...