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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Chaos Called Life

Soccer Superstar!

Happy Mother's Day...there's still a few minutes left for all my motherly bloggy friends. My weekend was wonderful.

We spent Saturday at the soccer field. The tournament was awesome. Julia played so hard. She is really a fierce competitor. Three games in scorching Texas heat and humidity. Bruises, scrapes and sore muscles are her companions today. Sunburn, tiredness and allergies are ours.

We were really the underdogs. We had a shot at getting to the big final but it would take lots of fighting to make it. We tied our first game and had to win our second game 3-0 to play the final. The girls pulled it off winning 4-0. The final went into overtime and we ended up losing 2-1. I ended up losing my voice yelling for my girl! Truly, no place else I'd rather been. She's so good. It's a joy to watch her play. She had a blast and is sad soccer season is over already!

Sorry Coach, didn't mean to cut off your head, I promise...it was dark and late and we were tired.

Sunday morning brought me breakfast in bed. Julia got up early and worked quietly to surprise me. She had all the details planned and my oatmeal was cooked perfectly!
We had lunch at our local lake and the weather was perfect. Everyone cleaned for one hour giving me an hour of their time so we could start our week with a straight house. I was very blessed by that!

We saw the movie Earth. Alyssa loved it! She knew all the animals and was busy spouting off animal trivia to me the entire time. Palmer pointed and squealed when we he wasn't asking for candy, popcorn or coke and he went to the bathroom twice and ended up having to leave early. Julia watched half and fidgeted for the other half. Hunter slept through the whole movie and that's the Smith family review.

Grocery shopping, homework, a beautiful bouquet of roses and a steak dinner by chef Andrew rounded out my day.

I've had to be rather absent from bloggy world lately. Here's a taste of our weeks for the last couple of months. This week holds five games, two parties, three end of the year picnics, a visit from grandparents, a Mother's Day tea and the other regular stuff.

I just wanted ya'll to know I've missed you. I've missed stopping by and chatting. If you haven't heard from me in awhile just hang on, life will slow in another week or so.

I promise.

For now, I'll practice the wisdom found in all moms favorite Proverb.
"She gets up while it is still dark...and her lamp does not go out at night."
Because life is a little crazy for the moment.

My boy and his boots are tired, very tired...and very, very cute!

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