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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

la casa de los animales

Our weekend was fun. It was great to get away. Sometimes you just have to. Rejuvenate. Reconnect. Remind. Refocus. Relax.

We ate good, really good, food. We walked long, really long distances. We saw awesome, really awesome animals. We got wet, really wet in the flash flooding!

My vacation theme as of late seems to be rain on the first day and the most gorgeous, perfect weather on the second. I wonder what God's saying to me...

I do believe that it takes rain to make things grow. I also believe that until one has experienced rainy days, a full appreciation for the sunny ones cannot be felt. We need both to grow and bloom in fullness.
We made the most of the rain by sprinting through it to our car. Some of our children sprinted. Some were left splashing in the pouring, freezing rain. We went in search for the perfect thing to save the day. We found it at an exciting place to eat. The Magic Time Machine. I haven't been there in thirty years! Indiana Jones was our server. The children giggled with delight the whole time.

I decided the rain wasn't so bad after all because it gave me a much needed nap. A little R&R for the trip was medicine for this tired mommy!

As soon as the rain lifted we toured every museum and oddball attraction across from the Alamo. We saw Ripley's museum, Guinness' museum and the wax museum. Watching the children's different personalities in this crazy atmosphere was hilarious and inspiring. The way they all behaved and interacted was heartwarming, reminding me once again of the great blessing of a large family. We ate dinner on the riverwalk and fed the ducks our chips.

Sunday morning we got up early and raced back to the zoo to finish what we started on Saturday.

It was nice and cool and all, I mean all, the animals were playing and friendly. The hippos swam for us and our favorite attraction was the monkey that kept escaping from his cage. We saw a zoo break! Who thought there was no way Madagascar could happen?!?

These are all the little monkeys I took home with me. I think some people really think we live in a zoo but aren't they cute?

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