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Friday, April 24, 2009

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Ya'll, I have so much to tell about. So much!

But, I'm kinda busy right now. Actually, I'm so busy I'm asking the Lord to help me remember it all! Next week I'll start posting what the Lord did, one small part at a time...very, very small because I'm busy, ya'll.

Imagine being away from your four young children for eight days. Can you say mommy deprived? Imagine all the laundry that piled up when I emptied the various suitcases. Pair this with the fact that ladies don't really sleep all that much on ladies retreats and this is the week I've decided to go caffeine free--cold turkey (I'm 72 hours and counting, thank you), begin hitting the gym again and it's one of the busiest weeks of the year for real estate (Yaay!).
Plus, we're continuing our crazy, chaotic, I-think-I've-done-too-much-this-spring schedule with baseball, soccer, softball, homework, church and school activities. Ummm, next year we'll do this a little differently for sure.

Needless to say, I've got lots to do and little time to do it. Remember how the sun stayed up until Joshua won his battle over the Gibeonites in Joshua 10? I'm asking the Lord for another day like that.

In the midst of the fast-moving train called life, we slowed down for a few minutes to enjoy the Texas bluebonnets. I've always wanted to take the children's pictures in them but it always seems like a little more trouble than it's worth.

Every time I've tried to drive to a good patch of bluebonnets in the past, I've had a sleeping baby once I've gotten there. A couple of years ago we went to this gorgeous bluebonnet patch I saw just a week before and they were gone. G-O-N-E.
Easter Sunday I picked the children's clothes with a back drop of bluebonnets in mind. It rained. I ended up letting them, or at least the girls, pick their own clothes and even after it stopped raining, we were too tired to stop.

So, today, I grabbed everyone's black t-shirt, a hairbrush and we set out after school. I had Elizabeth too (our super sweet college-helper-girl who you get to meet in a later post). As it turns out, the hairbrushing wasn't necessary with all the wind, the children didn't really feel like looking at the camera and it was a good thing I had Elizabeth by the side of the road!

Tomorrow I'll be trying to catch up with ya'll but for today, won't you enjoy the flowers with me?


Shonda said...

I've always wanted to take pictures with the kids in the bluebonnets too. I'm glad it worked for you this time. The children are gorgeous!

I look forward to hearing more about your retreat and what the Lord stirred in you while there. By golly, I hope we can talk soon.

I'm leaving Sunday for CLASSeminars Personality Training. The first day I must be ready with a 5 minute presentation to be critiqued by the staff and my peers. Speaking to receive critiques is slightly nerve-wrenching for me. But the Lord will enable me for I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So if the thought crosses your mind, please say a little prayer for me between now and Monday.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I thought about you this morning and when I returned from my morning jog, I had messages from you. What a blessing!

Enjoy those sweet children and all their games and activities.

Love & blessings-

Yolanda said...


Second...God is speaking to you and I about the sun.

and the third, i personally, can't wait for the sharing of your last several days.

God is good, ALL THE TIME.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

So precious, they are so big and beautiful...can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Miss you.

Renee said...

Great photos I love it!!

Denise said...

Hi there! First, thank you for visiting my blog and taking a moment to say "hello". I really enjoy meeting new friends!

Oh, I had one brief year in San Antonio - I remember the bluebonnets and wildflowers. Captivating blooms they are! Thank you for allowing me to walk backwards in my mind while I enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Adorable kids, BTW!

I look foward to visiting here again!


B His Girl said...

I lived in Dallas after college. I fell in love with the Bluebonnets. The pictures were worth the effort. Your children are very cute! B

Joyful said...

I am enjoying the bouquet of your children's pics! Precious.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Gorgeous children! How blessed you are!

Kathy S. said...

Beautiful, precious pics. Y'all ARE busy!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your sweet little ones, oh how I miss that stage! Wish I would have had more...

Since I am way up here in WI, it is a real treat to see fields of flowers...it's barely greening up here at this point. Not even green leaves yet.

LisaShaw said...

Precious Lisa, I was winded just reading everything on your schedule (smile). Your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! What special and precious gifts from God.

Cold turkey on caffeine? WOW! I salute you sister!

Can't wait to hear more on your goings on. May the LORD give you strength and even more of his precious grace.

Love you.

Billy Coffey said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Always stop and smell the flowers, I say. Or better yet, sit down right in them and stay a while...

Lora said...

Your children are beautiful Lisa and the background of bluebonnets is just perfect! I love the expressions on your youngest child's face - precious! And the daughter with her arms wrapped around a sibling are so sweet.

I pray the Lord gives you the hours you need to accomplish His work.

Blessings to you dear one!