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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Speaking of Bragging...

Hunter was just awarded the game ball at his teeball game. He hit the ball really high in the air all the way to the outfield each time. As the last batter, he cleaned up the bases sliding into home plate each time. He ran so fast he passed up the runner before him beating him home!

He played catcher, covered home and tagged two runners! A mean first baseman, he stopped almost everything thrown at him!

Most importantly, we played his good friend Carsen's team and when Carsen made it to first base, Hunter gave his friend the thumbs up sign! A great player with awesome sportsmanship is the making for a pro baseball player with fine character.

Look out MLB my son's playing teeball!


Rachel Kerbel said...

hunter certainly played AWESOME! I thought that was him at 1st base! I even told Kit-man! that kid can catch! and it WAS Hunter. Great job buddy!!!!

mrs. smith said...

that sweet hunter. can't wait to see you guys.

His Hers Ours and Autism said...

Go Hunter, go!