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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Real Life

I met Bella~Mella!!!

Yesterday I got to meet Melanie. She's just as beautiful in real life; although, she is a tad shorter. She's just as thoughtful with her words. The wisdom just pours forth from her lips.
I love, love visiting with women who are a few steps ahead of me on this journey. I left our short visit greatly encouraged. It was a pleasure to make another bloggy friend a real life friend.
She brightened a rather rainy day here on the coast in Florida.
It was an exciting meeting and I hope to keep adding to the list of bloggy friends I've gotten to meet...and it is nice and sunny today here at the beach!
"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend [to show worthy purpose]." Proverbs 27:17


LisaShaw said...

You met in Florida? I'm in Florida. Wish I could have met both of you beautiful and sweet spirited sisters.

It's a blessing when opportunities to cross paths happens in REAL LIFE. It definitely personalizes the online relationship that much more and all for the glory of our Father do we love and meet and continue to love even more.

Bless you both!

B His Girl said...

How fun! I wish I could have met you both and Lisa Shaw. Maybe one day! Hope you enjoyed the beach. B

Sheryl said...

What a blessing!

Brooke said...

hi! this is bev's daughter, brooke. :) i DO know lisa and jesh. lisa is one of my good friends from college.

Melanie said...

Hey Lisa,

I loved your comment when we met that I looked taller on my blog! So funny to me!
Well, I was wearing flats because after many years, I have finally embraced my "shortness!"
Safe travels on your way home!
The show we taped today airs Monday btw. I'll be posting a bit of it on my blog soon.
I'm very happy I could meet you face to face. 'Enjoyed the chat and I'll remember you in prayer as you speak at your retreat this weekend.

Shonda said...

Oh how fun! I love to meet in real life those I connect with on line. Someday Lisa, I'm hoping we'll get to meet.
Love & blessings!

Julie Gillies said...

How fun, Lisa! Next time let me know and join you!