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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being in Love

"I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night." Psalm 63:6

Reading this verse today made me a little giddy. I remembered one night twelve years ago that I laid awake in my bed all night long meditating on the love that had so wholly captured my heart. Lord, may I feel the same way about you...forever.

He knew my favorite movie was Grease. He worked for the auditorium. Grease the musical was coming. Live. To our town.

He gave me two tickets. He couldn't come because he had to work. A friend and I enjoyed the musical together. Just knowing he was somewhere in the building made my heart race. Ah, young love.

We got all dressed up, my friend and I. We enjoyed girly talk and girly music. We sang Greased Lightning and Summer Lovin'. I tried to be discreet but throughout the entire musical my eyes strained in the darkness for a glimpse of my love. After the performance, I tried to casually linger hoping to steal a glance of this special man in my life. My friend promptly called me on the carpet and dragged me home.

Where I laid awake all.night.long.




For the phone to ring.


It did.

In the wee hours of the morning, he called. He'd waited, he said, for me to page him so he could escape for a minute, come to our seats and say hi. Relief had flooded his young mind when he arrived home to my message on his answering machine.

Being in love is a wonderful floaty feeling. Life ahead is filled with dreams lived in vibrant hues. Life lived is a steady journey. Day by day. Steady. Ups and downs dim the hues to shades of gray. Floating becomes swimming--unless you want to sink. Steady climbing. Tired and travel- weary somewhere in time we quit lying awake all night and begin falling exhausted into deep slumber at our first chance.

Suddenly a memory stirred breaks the monotony. Nostalgia births gratefulness. Realizations. Deep unconditional love has taken root. Swimming has given way to anchoring. Fleeting happiness given way to deep joy. True love is being born. Everyday. Steadily.


His Girl said...

I bought that album with my own money from my piggy bank. ahhhh such a great memory.

very cool post!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Loved it!!!

Yolanda said...

Memory lane.....


It's what I long for again...

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

OK...seriously. You NEED to check out this post of mine from last year. This is freaky.