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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday March 27, 2009--My Portion

Friday--March 27,2009

Don't you just love meeting someone you can instantly identify with. You get the feeling that you are understood in their presence. This can happen extremely fast in bloggy land because like I've said before, when we meet here we stick out our hearts instead of our hands.

When Joy stuck out her heart, I fell in love with her charm, wit and insights. She has a way with words that touches me. She lives up to her name. She even has two blogs...that she keeps up with regularly! She needs your prayers right now. Go meet her and bless her. You will be blessed too, I promise. We are reading through the Bible together this year. Yesterday, God led us to ponder the same verse. It was fun!

"...he himself would be their allotment." Joshua 13:33

Have you ever felt left out, passed over or just plain needy. I hear my children say things like, "She got a cookie. Why didn't I?"

In reality, I say things like this all the time too.

She's got a great ministry, Bible study, speaking schedule...Why don't I? They're not struggling with finances, behavioral issues, professional conflict, uncertainty...Why am I?

Truth is, I all too often gage my worth on the things I see. I've had a week of conflict, issues and storms professionally. My mind knows God has not forgotten me but my heart tends to pull wayward when things are tough or lean in any situation.

God called the Levites to serve Him personally. They were the chosen among the chosen. Chosen to lead the people to worship by purifying the people and entering the holy place. But when God passed out land, he left the Levites out of the equation saying He would be their portion. They had no land, no earthly inheritance, no place to settle. They would follow God's presence, serving Him, passing down the mantle of their calling.

Am I satisfied why my allotment? Am I trusting daily that He's sovereign and distributed accordingly? Am I choosing to see with His perspective my portion? It's like seeing the glass half-empty or half-full. I have a choice. If I know human nature just a little, I'm sure there were Israelites who were glad to have the land over the Levites' allotment. I pray I would be one grateful to have Him. Above land. Above a big house. Above a big ministry. Above all thing.

Lord, when I'm tempted to want more, teach me to want You. You are my treasure, inheritance and refuge. There is nothing else I'd rather pass down to my children than a life poured out at your feet, wasted on you. Nothing. May I take seriously the responsibility of handing them the mantle of ministry to you.


Joyful said...

Lisa, sending hugs across the miles. Thank you for all your very kind messages, prayers and love. They are felt.

I feel like I have known you for so long, and probably that is due to the fact we share the same Heavenly Father.

You continue to bless my heart and encourage me.
Love ya my friend,

LisaShaw said...

What a powerful and inspiring message. Thank you for sharing. The Lord is my TOTAL PORTION.

I have visited with Joy and have been praying for her and her precious Dad along with all of you.

God bless your heart.