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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never Make the Mistake

Never make the mistake of thinking you are safe. You see, we've had two different bugs floating around our house for the last two and a half weeks.

Some have had one, others have had both but two of my children have had neither. We went two days last week to work/school/practices and followed our schedule as well as any exhausted- tired-of-cleaning-germy-nasty-sick-stuff people can follow. I began to think I was home-free. Friday night I stayed awake until 1:30 just trying to get a handle on the accumulation of stuff on the kitchen counter/table/couch/laundry room floor. I didn't get much done but went to bed telling myself that if I slept a bit I'd wake up ready to tackle the germs and piles. As I was laying my head on my pillow thinking of how much I was going to enjoy this weekend with well, healthy, robust, rested people, I heard it.

The blood curdling cry that is reserved in our for only two things during the night...Blood and throw up.

My precious boy Hunter was so very sick. Sick was everywhere. Every room, every surface, other children. Sick had reappeared. Sick. Stink. Yuck.

We were up all night. He had the worst tummy cramps I've ever seen in a person. He was in agony. As I wiped his face with a washcloth, I prayed for him. When I was spent and he was spent, he sat down holding his stomach and crying out in pain. He was so tormented. One round after another of vomiting and sickness. He could barely talk and through his sobs and racks of pain he cried, "Mom.Please.Pray.Don't.Stop."

This, my six-year-old. How his determination blessed me. That he knew where to take his pain blessed me. His belief that Jesus heals blessed me. That he wanted to hear the sound of my voice talking to his God blessed me. He was so sick...and he blessed me.

That my children would walk with God is my deepest desire. What a blessing to experience it this night. What an encouragement this round of sickness was. Weird, but true.

Because lately I've been convicted. I want, need to pray more. Pray more in my house. Out loud. For my kids. I want them to hear me labor in prayer for their hearts, their lives, their futures, their callings, their mates, their choices. I just read recently that hearing your parents pray like that changes you. I want my children changed. Changed because I love their God enough to pray. There are many things I can't do. Many things I leave at the foot of the cross each day. But, pray? I can do that.

And, we know. Prayer changes things. Prayer moves the heart of God. Moving God's heart on behalf of my children. That's something I want. I need. I will fight for, sacrifice for, move for. I will.

I am starting by making a commitment to not be too tired to lay hands on each one at night. Yes, I try to but lately, in all the sickness and even in the busyness before, prayers were becoming short utterances, generic utterances. Let me be clear. Utterances God heard and used to touch my children. To answer deep cries of my heart that I cannot even utter yet because God has yet to reveal them to me. But utterances. Heartfelt but felt by a tired heart. This heart has been strengthened. I will start once again, holding them, praying specifically for them...while they are awake.

I will also listen more. Listen to God. Listen to them. When the Holy Spirit nudges me, I will stop and pray. I will ask for opportunities to take advantage of in the organized chaos of daily life. Today I'm stepping it up a notch. My children need me. God is calling me. My children are calling me too...

That night was a long night. Once it was over, the stomach bug landed on me. About lunch time on Saturday, Alyssa caught it. And, I'm remembering that taking a shower is a luxury. Just because the kids go to school doesn't mean it will happen. Just because I need it doesn't make it a reality. No, I'm not knee deep in dirty diapers but I am surrounded by this flurry of activity that never seems to stop. So I will look for quiet places in the busy times to grab a child and speak life-giving words over growing minds, growing bodies, growing relationships.

The stomach bug left me stronger this time. More thankful. Ready to take action. A better mom. The laundry is still everywhere and the piles are only slightly smaller but my heart has been stretched...and that 's a good thing.

We've all had the stomach bug now. I think Alyssa experienced the end of it when she had to come home from school sick yesterday and Hunter got well by sleeping on the couch all afternoon long. Except Andrew. He has not had the stomach stuff. Hopefully, he doesn't count. But only when it comes to bugs.

"Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Praise the Lord that He uses everything for His glory. I love when He teaches us these things...keep praying.

Karen said...

sometimes it's the innocent stuff that trips us up. The busyness, being a good wife, mom, fill in the blank. We get so wrapped up in doing that we lose sight of our calling. isn't it a God thing that we can see a stomach bug as a blessing? (I guess that gives weight to "rejoice in all things")
Praying your household is bug free and on it's way to better health! (and I agree, there's nothing sweeter than your child's voice asking you to pray.)

Melanie Dorsey said...

What authority we have as believers...the keys to the kingdom, the name of Jesus, the Word that pierces...even our "Amen" to HIS "yes"!

B His Girl said...


Wow, I can only imagine the cleaning you have done with all the bugs. But to hear your little boy to ask you not to stop praying. That's a word for all of us. The lion is roaring but our prayers are more powerful. B

Joyful said...

Lisa, the Lord too has been speaking to me about spending more time in prayer. Good intention is not good enough. Thanks for this reminder again today.

Trust you are all well.

Yolanda said...


What an awesome request from your little six year old in the midst of his pain...to witness the power of prayer and that his Momma knows ans believes in that power of prayer as well.

Changing our past because we KNOW Sister that this is the right way and it works.

Love to you,

Laura said...

Bless your heart, Lisa. Your poor sweet little boy. It's so hard when they are sick. You are so right though, prayer changes things. I'm cheering you on in that department. Praying for an end to the bugs...

Brian, Steph and Jada Lee said...

double amen to that...it is only the Lord's spirit that can allow you to write your thankfulness after such sickness. Thank you for your encouragement and exhortation to pray more. Amen!

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I want to start letting my children see me pray during my struggles too. I want them to see my relationship with God and not just my teaching about Him.

Great Post!

Renee Swope said...

I love this post. God's been nudging me to be more vocal in my prayers for my boys when they are with me. Sometimes I think they are sick of me talking about God all the time. But tonight I feel like God is showing me that is the enemy whispering to my heart 'cause he wants me to keep my mouth shut.

Let's commit together to be some praying moms whose kids will hear us talking to God on their behalf.

Praying for your whole family to get well and stay well.

Your comments on my blog really encouraged me tonight. I've been working on my book and not blogging as much so it's kinda lonely these day. I just love hearing from sweet friends like you!


marina said...

what a blessing you son was too you!! may we all keep praying,marina

Renee said...

I too have been trying to work on the praying thing with my children. Last night Parker looked at me and said, "I'm just out of words and don't know what to pray." I told him that sometimes we do have periods that we don't know what to pray for and that's when we pray for God to show us what we are to be praying for.