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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worship and Suffering

***IMPORTANT UPDATE***I am attending KSBJ's Girls Day Out in Houston tomorrow with Lysa and Renee from Proverbs 31!!!!!!!!! If you are visiting and you'll be there, leave me a comment or email me so we can meet. I'd love to see your face and hug your neck. Then I get to move you from the "bloggy friends" column to the "real life friends" column! So email me, find my email address in my profile.

In regards to Job, this is what I love.

One by one his servants have come to tell him horrible, devastating, grievous news. Four messengers came. Not one hard thing. Four hard things. Not one child's death. All children dead.

"Then (Job) shaved his head and fell to the ground to worship." Job 1:20

That's it. The stuff that made Job ordinary was stripped away. The stuff that made Job blameless was put to the test.

Job fell to the ground to worship. Not to grieve. Not to mourn. Not to scream in agony. Not to weep in pity. But to worship.

Oh Lord, that my first response in suffering would be to worship. I think my normal response to suffering has been to ask God to take me to a place where I can worship. But worship as my first response? Isn't that asking a lot? Yes, and God deserves it! I pray that my automatic response to good and bad would be to worship. I want my response to God and what he brings to always be to worship.

I love, love those sweet words.

To worship.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Blesses be His Name...He is worthy!!!

B His Girl said...

Hi, I came over from Luanne's blog. Job had an amazing response. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is from Job.
Job 42:5-6
My ears had heard of you
but now my eyes have seen you.
Therefore I despise myself
and repent in dust and ashes."

When Job got a glimpse of His God, he had to put his had over his mouth. That was such a powerful response.
To see the holiness of God demands worship.
Nice crew to have fun with! : )

B His Girl said...

Oh she's quick...that was good about Lot's wife. If I get "stuck" on my Turtle Tuesdays, I know who can think of something! B

Joyful said...

Oh how I pray my first response to anything that touches my life will be to worship. Job knew the true meaning of a sacrifice of praise.

Great thoughts Lisa.
Hope you're having fun tonight! Can't wait to see your pictures!