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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tuesday's Post

I have no post for Tuesday. It was a busy day. I didn't even turn on my computer but boy, oh boy, what a day!

As we were driving to school reading our devotional, we began to talk about knowing Jesus and being born again or placing your faith in Christ. We believe that his death and sacrifice on the cross is all we will ever need to spend eternity with him in a relationship that will ultimately end in living forever in heaven.

We began to talk about people we should be praying for and sharing with. Julia so sweetly said, "Palmer." Alyssa matter-of-factly said, "Hunter."

I was praising God that my boy, Hunter retorted with this, "Uh-huh, I have asked Jesus into my heart and I only have to do it once. Quit saying I haven't!"

There you have it. Faith of a child. Hunter Isaiah Smith is His. He belongs. The foundation has been laid on the Truth. Would you pray with me that we would continue to lead him to the Rock for strong building?


Joyful said...

Oh Lisa, how precious. I remember when my son wandered into our bedroom one morning, grabbed the blankets to pull himself up on the bed (he was only 3 years old), and out of no-where asked, "Mommy, how do I ask Jesus into my heart?" Although he was very young, he was responding to what he had heard he needed to do and to Christ speaking to his little heart. He is now approaching 17 and he is still following after Jesus.

May the Lord guide you as you train all your children and lead them to a deeper knowledge of the Lord.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Praise the Lord...oh sweet Hunter, I love you and I love that you are His!!!

So exciting.

Anonymous said...

Lisa- I LOVE that big picture of your kids!!! What a GREAT one! Glad you and Kevin had a great time at the reunion. Hope to see you soon.

The Wedding Planner said...

I was not trying to leave an anonymous note. It's me, Erin, it should say the wedding planner...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lisa,

I go to Grace and am taking Her Hands this semester with my friend at LH. Would you be willing to mentor me through the class? I would greatly appreciate your help!

God bless,

lisasmith said...

Elizabeth--would love, love to meet you and walk with you on this journey...call me or email me lisa@andrewsmithteam.com or (979)412-0443...i can't access your profile!!

Angie Love said...

You will not be surprised to hear that I am rejoicing...yelling at the top of my lungs...crying...PRAISE JESUS!!! YES!!!! ONE MORE!!!OUR HUNTER!!!