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Friday, January 09, 2009

There's No Cheating Grace

As I read about Jacob cheating Essau, I have two reactions. One is how much I identify with Jacob. When I want something, I focus, I scheme and I never give up until I own it. Accomplishment, award or material possession will be mine or bust!

You see, by nature I am extremely competitive and manipulative. A hearty combination for none other than sin! I understand Rebekah. Little white lies never caused much guilt, right? We don't know if the blessing was tainted by the scheming and manipulation of God's prophecies. We do see Jacob humbled later on in scripture so my guess is just a little...

My second thought is about how unfair it all is. I feel like a child screaming, "That's not fair!" as I read about poor Essau. Except...I find myself asking if I value my destiny. Do I protect who it is that I am? I want to learn from my history. And, this history is mine.

Why would God use someone like Jacob to carry out our destiny? His legacy?

I think he is trying to make it clear that the ultimate plan for our redemption began long ago before the beginning of time. It was put into place in a perfect garden even when it seemed no plan was needed. Yet there was still a plan. A perfect plan made by a perfect God to use imperfect people to reveal his grace.

And once again I'm encouraged because I'm far from perfect and I need his grace desperately.


Renee said...

Thank goodness that I am reminded of His grace and mercy everyday because boy it sure would be so much harder without it wouldn't it?

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I needed that reminder of grace today. So often I get caught up in perfect...only Jesus is perfect!!!

Thanks friend.

Love you,

marina said...

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