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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Day

Girls' Day Out in Houston was awesome!

My day started with the wonderful surprise of an email from Annette. I discovered Annette's blog a few months ago when I just read something she wrote and it sunk so deeply into my heart that words bounced out of my mouth. Crazy enough, she is moving to my town so we have determined that we will meet. As a result of the email, we talked on the phone and it was so great. I love this bloggy land where instead of sticking out your hand when you introduce someone, you stick out your heart.
Read it and reject it with an instant click...no one ever knows. Read it and weep, leave a comment and you will probably make a friend for life. Because that's what every writer really wants. To be read. But to be read and to connect, to strike a chord, to identify. That is the best!
So meeting these bloggy friends and turning them into "in real life" friends is incredibly exciting and wonderful and encouraging.

Anyway, back to KSBJ's Girls' Day Out! Woo-hoo! Where I had the fun privilege of meeting bloggy friends Lysa and Renee.

I have "known" Lysa for years. Her testimonies of God's call to a deep relationship with him in her life have hit home with me. Her pleas to, "Say yes to God" have encouraged me when I was greatly discouraged. Her style of writing has drawn me to a place that says, "I can do that." Her life, from afar, has been one that made mine matter. So, imagine my excitement at meeting her, seeing her in person, hearing her say, "Oh! I recognize you!"
Ahhhhh! Loved it. Nearly died from excitement right there at the book table in Houston. Nearly.
It wasn't nearly long enough, our chat. But it was so encouraging and I know it birthed a friendship that this here blog will continue to feed. Thanks, Lysa.

Now let me tell you about Renee. I've read her devotionals, heard her on the radio and perused her blog. But, as she spoke, we really bonded. You see, we have the same olive jacket, the same stone necklace with silver pendant and the same testimony! The woman at the well was just like us. I really made a new friend with Renee and can't wait for the words of her blog to help me get to know her better! Looking forward to it, Renee! As a side note, Renee looked like her blog. Not the pictures of her on her blog but the decor and design of the blog itself. Renee, it really reflects you!!

And, Kate.

Kate is so honest. Brutally honest. I can respect that, identify with that and even admire it a little. It's all God's was her message. His timing. His choice. His plan. I was touched by the fact that she was such a minority in that she decided against the odds to keep all six of her babies in her womb. She chose life in a place where death is the norm. She received all the Lord has for her and won't shrink back and I admire that. I am praying for you, Kate, as you journey on with the Lord.

As for the rest of our day...
We left on time, set out for Houston and, if you know me, promptly got lost. Well, not lost really just got to the church in a round about way.

We only missed the box lunches...no biggie! We got love and laugh and chat in the car. So fun, so fun!
My friends Becky and Kathy went with me to the event. I love my fairly new but very special friendships I am growing with these ladies.
I met Becky because my husband and her boyfriend became friends...from work, from the gym, from common social circles. Our men planned a vacation for us and all our kids last summer. Between us we have seven ages 2, 5, 7, 8, 8 & 9! We had to start talking to help get the essentials included in our trip. Our guys would've taken lawn chairs and summer sausage to the beach and called it successful! I immediately loved her decisive and motivated attitude.

I met Kathy at our office. Her desk was near Andrew's office at Keller Williams. Then I saw her at church. I saw her everyday until I just started talking to her. I immediately fell in love with her heart for the Lord and hunger to hear his voice and obey.

I met these ladies and a few others at a time when God was talking to me. He was saying, "Start a Bible study." I was saying, "Okay...Who will come???" These friendships and our amazing journey together is what happens when women say yes to God.
The unique thing about this group of Friday night ladies is that they come from my real life. You know what I mean. The life I live Monday through Friday. Not the Sunday, retreats and blogosphere life. They met the "real" me, the me you see, the me you get before they met my heart. I like it when my life, my heart and my friendships all intersect with my Lord. It makes for a great combination of loving and living. It gives God great opportunities to work. It keeps me on my toes and helps me examine my heart and seek to ooze my Jesus out of my skin in an everyday, everywhere type way.

I love the ladies that meet the heart first. I love the ladies that meet the flesh first. I pray that they can all see the same lady. This lady who loves, loves, loves her Jesus and says, "Yes" every single second of the day.


Joyful said...

Lisa, I just want to hug y'all when I see that picture!!!! So thrilled for your opportunity to meet Lysa and Renee. Oh, how I love both those ladies and how they have poured into my life. So glad you had such a wonderful time.

What you wrote about "heart first friends" and "flesh first friends" is beautiful. I pray that my friends too will see the same lady.

The Lord called me to begin a Bible study in my home - wow - it's got to be close to 10 years ago, and I thought the same thing...who will come? Actually ended up having about 7 or 8 ladies from the neighbourhood, school etc... it was wonderful. That first group of ladies were so special to me - a gift from God. I still lead Bible studies, but we moved from that original location. Many seeds were planted in my heart during that time of 'yes' to God. Praying He will continue to grow all His ways in me.

Love, prayers and hugs,

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I love your heart and I love you.

I am so glad that you had a wonderful day...I wish I could have gone, maybe next year.

Melanie said...

Oh...I enjoyed reading about the GNO! Great pics, too.

Shonda said...

How wonderful!! I know I love reading Lysa's blog too and I'm so thrilled once she left a comment on mine. How exciting for you to meet her and Renee!

I wish I could have been there. I pray a day will come when we'll be able to meet!

Love & blessings-

Jill said...

Hi I found your blog via your comment on Lysa's - I would have loved to been there, but instead am finding some joy thru all of your stories. I loved your words about the flesh and heart friends, so true, but even better still to live life so you're the same lady to all! Blessings, Jill

Laura said...

What a special day! It looks like a lot of hearts were opened to one another. Lysa and Renee have inspired me for many years. Have you been to SheSpeaks? I've enjoyed hearing them speak--they really know how to speak to the heart. Such REAL ladies! No pretense there. I get the feeling that is how you are too, Lisa...

Ang baylis said...

Hey! I came over here from Karen's blog. Are you reading the Bible chronologically with her and the others? I am so glad you have such dear friends. I know what you mean about meeting hearts first. I met Annette as a result of a comment she made, too! She has become such a dear friend of mine and we've seen each other face to face! God is SO amazing. Anyway, it looks like God has blessed you with many friends. I love your enthusiasm and Spirit. I can hear God's love in your writing. I'll be back to visit again!
Angie in Michigan

Nicole said...

Wasnt it so fun!!!! It was such a blessed evening!!!! I bet the afternoon was more intimate. Did yall get the concert too? She was such a performer and I fell in love with her personality. The connection with Robyn is a hoot. Such a small world!

B His Girl said...

Thanks for sharing about Girls Night out! How fun!Love the pics! I wanted to be there so badly. How funny for you and Renee to have the same outfit. (Must have been a God thing to connect you two.) I can't wait to see her blog again and know that is sooo her. I'm glad you were there with people who are living life in your neighborhood and for the connections the Lord is making in your life. Your Day was spilling over all your far away neighbors in bloggy land and refreshing us in what we all have in common. Jesus. I pray all your days are filled with the joy I hear in your heart! We see Jesus in you! B

Lora said...

Oh how fun! I'm so thrilled you were able to meet Lysa and Renee! Sweet pictures too!

marina said...

I wish I could of been there what a blessing you must of gotten!!
I meet Annette @ Beth Moore these summer. its great too meet women that share the same heart, marina

marina said...

ps.. you looks so pretty!! marina

linda smith said...

Just testing the comment section!
Love your blog,

Renee Swope said...

Lisa, I LOVED meeting you!!! Your comments and encouragement on my blog mean so much. I love how God connected our hearts through our stories and our outfits!!!

You bless me!!!