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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Game On!

This week I've read about a God who speaks a word and makes something lovely out of nothing and a God who fills barren women's tummies with wiggly life and I am convicted.

I am convicted because when I pray my mind thinks things like, "I believe you can but I really don't think you will..." When I pray I see the way people have always been, the junk I've always faced, the fallen state of the world. Starting today I want to see the unchanging nature of a good God who hears and has power. Instead of seeing the way things have "always been" I want to see things the way they could always be.

From blackness to beauty with just one word. From barren to baby with a breath. That's the God I call on to change things. Starting now I'll no longer be viewing people or circumstances on a sliding scale from bad to worse, from slightly fixable to permanently damaged. I'm looking to a God who is mighty to save. A God who sees me, a God who hears me and shows up...never late.

It seems life in this fallen world has dulled my vision and time in his word has sharpened my focus. As I pray to a God who was, who is and who will change the world, I invite you to join me.


Treasure Seeker said...

I love your blog.....

Your post reminded me of a saying God gave me that I am trying to learn to live by:

Faith says "God Can!"
Hope says "God Will!"
Trust says "I will serve Him still!"

You gave a very though provoking look into your faith.

May God bless you as you continue to serve Him!


Kathy S. said...

I'm with you here! Especially when it comes to the things I have been praying about for years, and have seen nothing (Key: in the physical realm!) I have to constantly remind myself that in the heavenlies things are going on that I cannot see, and not grow weary in well-doing!

Thanks for the reminder!

Rachel Kerbel said...

thanks for the inspiring words and focus on the eternal!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I am with you sister!!!

We do get so caught up in our stuff and the way it is (I used that phrase tonight) we forget about God's power...no more!!!

Love you and miss you.