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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bags and Baggage

The bags of which I speak are under my eyes from lack of sleep. I've been catching up with old friends since Tuesday and the pace is grueling but I love it! I've slept through my alarm twice and my house is in piles but the facebook pictures keep coming.

Our youth group is now planning a reunion. My thoughts are filled with...baggage. Seriously as the adrenaline rush of friending all 140 of these people began to fade, my first thought was, "I hope no one sees my car."

The teenage angst, social awkwardness and overwhelming insecurity lies just beneath the surface of my life. My face even broke out this week. No lie. I really thought I had matured.

Maybe in some ways I have. I plan on actually going to the reunion. The shame and shortcoming that would have once kept me away has now given way to love and longing for those who greatly and deeply influenced me for Christ so many years ago.

Unless I lose ten pounds, I may not be going in clothes...See what I mean? Boy, the shallow part of me is buried in a grave to match ready to be unearthed at the ding of my facebook account updating.

Get ready, faithful readers, I'm unpacking my twenty-something-year-old baggage.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Ok...I joined facebook. Not sure what to do now, but I'm in!!

The Mitchells said...

I think this reunion is worse (by expectations) than a High School reunion. It's amazing how we can all care for each other and love each other, but you still want to be your best and look your best. I've already started working out...JUST in preparation for this reunion. I feel ya.

marina sepeda said...

I joined facebook a while back and its fun but if I read facebook then I don't have tiem to read blogs these is awful or post too bad I can't get paid for reading blogs posting and facebook LOL!! , marina

Amy said...

I have to loss 50 pounds to go.

Jenn said...

You and Amy are meeting up with all kinds of people from your past through facebook. I know Amy is having a great time reconnected - sounds like you are too.

How cool about the youth group reunion! I hope to happens - y'all will have a great time seeing each other. I will look forward to seeing picutes.