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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We saw the movie this weekend. Finally. It is a great drama. A real tear-jerker! The situations could truly happen to anyone and so many can identify with the characters in the movie...all of them.

Although, I feel our marriage is so strong right now and we did reach a point two or three years ago where we just looked at each other and said, "We get this," I found myself really feeling these characters in the movie.

Their feelings, the words they said, the pain in their faces all touched me on a very deep level. I loved how the movie made it so clear that a good marriage doesn't change those emotions. God does. I liked how people's shortcomings were made clear and the distance was only spanned by God's love. I especially loved the main character's relationship with his dad. Special.

I think the world needs more reminders of the fact that marriages are worth the work, worth the determination, worth the choice.

It's a must see and I can't wait to get the book, The Love Dare.

Go see Fireproof.


Renee said...

Yes, can't wait to see it. Did you know that his real wife stood in for the kissing scenes?

Jenn said...

I really want to see this and have heard great things about it!