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Friday, September 12, 2008

Update: Ike

We are now here. At home. Settled. Tied down. Secured for the storm.

Ike is coming. We've, all six of us, been glued to the computer watching footage of waves crashing over the seawall in Galveston. We might give Galveston a hard time because it has trash on the beach, seaweed everywhere you walk on the sand and not as much to do as South Padre, but we love our beloved quick vacation getaway spot. We are praying it is still there after Ike touches.

We've been to Sam's twice and Walmart once. Ironically, it was much easier to find water than beer. Yes, we live in a college town, the beer cases were empty.

We have bread, peanut butter and ice. We filled two ice chests with ice and then bought more because some other lady bought fifteen bags and two seemed rather pitiful in comparison.

We secured our many outdoor things. Half of our picnic tables and chairs fell apart as we tried to move them. Now we just have lots of wood pieces tied up in a pile.

Everything is cancelled from Saturday night church to Sunday night church. Our church is being used as a shelter. I should have known it was serious when they cancelled football...Two practices, pictures and a game. The soccer coach just called. If it's clear Sunday afternoon we're gonna try and squeeze a meeting in so we don't waste precious practice time on Tuesday.

I'm hoping it's clear. We just might be stir crazy by then.

Did I mention the hurricane party we're having?


Rachel Kerbel said...

it was kinda fun preparing for everything wasn't it? as weird as that sounds! the winds woke us up at 6:00am, but over all we are blessed to not have damage! now we have lots of bread!

Kathryn said...

We definately learned what it meant to be content at being at home. LH was also a shelter, so no church.
At first my children melted down because we weren't leaving the house every 15 minutes, but by the end they were happy. Praise the Lord especially with no cable or internet. We get channel 3 with the rabbit ears.
It was defiantely a learning experience.

Jenn said...

Hoping everything is okay in college station. Did y'all have any damage?