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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Zoo

Finally! The whole Smith fam in one frame!!! Thanks, Aunt Dot!
Cousins, cousins and more cousins!
Cousins with their Pop! I think he had a pretty good time too!

See, I told you he had as good of a time as the kids. Maybe better. Could it get any better as a grandparent? Huh, Pop? I don't think so!

Saturday, the Meador family met at the zoo in Waco. It was great. We fit in at the zoo.
The kids ran and played and sweated. The adults walked and talked and sweated.
It has been eight years since we've all been together like that.

We were together for Christmas in 1999. It was wonderful. My grandma, Nan, got to have all her chickens in her nest. From her children to her great-grandchildren they were all there. She passed away shortly after that Christmas.

Saturday all our families got together again.

We've tried and pieces of us have been together for various occasions but Saturday was wonderful family day. We've all done a pretty good job of keeping in touch. I, for one, will be making a renewed attempt at it! I think this is an area I can cover adequately when not pregnant!

It has been so long since we saw each other, we were overjoyed to be together. We tried to catch up but would usually settle on a few questions, observations of the passing of time and a long, sweet hug.

As a mother, I can certainly cherish the sweetness of this event. And, it was sweet.

I was amazed at the resemblances between my kids and their aunts, uncles and cousins. Truly, I can see them.

I loved seeing my aunts. They look great. My Aunt Wanda is still funny and entertaining and just plain fun and a little mischievous. She and my Uncle Johnny still make quite a pair. I have always loved to be around them and my kids do too. My Aunt Dot is beautiful and classy and sophisticated. She walked the whole zoo fashionably dressed and in heels, barely sweating and never complaining! She has looked the same for as long as I can remember kind of like Elizabeth Taylor or Brooke Shields. She has that kind of glamour and class. Always has. She handles life with class too.
Uncle Tommy looks like a Meador. Dad said he looked like Papa but I said younger!

My cousins Andy, Mitch and Vicki were there. Vicki and her family are so precious. I can't believe her kids are grown up now! I thought she was the coolest when I was a kid and well, I still do. Now it's her kids Ashley and Dylan who are just plain cool. She and Jimmy have a "perfect" family complete with the house, the dog and even the horse inside the white picket fence.

And, of course, my brother's family. It's still so strange to see my little brother as a husband and a daddy...strange. But he's such a good one and his family is beautiful and the kids are so cute. Jack and Julia are two peas in a pod. Cooper and Alyssa get along so wonderfully with Hunter desperately trying to be Cooper's fav. Little Sophie is way cute. Way sweet. Way cute. I really needed her to throw a fit so I wouldn't want another little girl baby but alas, no fit. She has such an easy going disposition. So sweet. I have some super cute nieces!
Even Hunter's special lady, Ms. Nettie was there. She sure knows how to make my kids feel special. She was such a trooper for sweating it out for a couple of limp hugs from excited kids! We love you, Nettie!

We had such a fun time. Everyone kept saying thanks to me for all the hard work. Really, all I did was suggest something in Waco so we all had to drive about the same distance to get there. And, it was a place where the kids could run, play, scream and climb that was socially acceptable. I want to thank my step mom, Dina who actually coordinated with everyone all the 4-1-1. And, to thank all my wonderful family who were willing to drive to Waco, sweat in a stinky zoo and put up with it all just to be reunited in a kid-friendly locale. It's a day I won't ever forget!


Marina said...

what a beautiful family you all look like you are having so much fun seeing each other ,its always fun to see family you have not seen in a long time,
have a bless day,love marina

Shonda said...

I love the pictures! I'm so glad you had the family reunion. I have not been together with all the family in a long, long time. What blessings!

Bryan and Elise said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting! We are planning on being in Garland probably the 10th? We aren't sure exactly- but of course we need to figure that out so Grandmother and Papa can plan and maybe people can make a visit?

Jenn said...

What a fun day and to have the whole family there is a bonus.