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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank Goodness for Glue!

I heart glue.

Not Elmer's.

But, super-surgical-skin-repairing-glue.

This morning Hunter tripped and hit his head on the coffee table, just like every five-year-old boy I've ever known has done. This was our first trip to the ER. Our first blood spill of major proportions (and this was slightly above minor at best...we only soaked 1.5 washcloths with nasty stuff). Interestingly enough (and predictable) Julia ran to get the phone, held the washcloth in place and mopped the blood off the floor while I loaded Palmer into the car, called Andrew and calmed Hunter locating shoes for everyone in a crazy downpour all the while Alyssa was hiding in her bed, under the covers crying. She wanted Hunter to have no stitches more than he did. Julia was, of course, extremely excited about watching...

We got there. They asked us a couple of questions, put some gauze on his head and told us to come back in a couple of hours because they were busy, extremely busy. (This was after already waiting one hour.)

So, during our ER wait, we went to the movies. Yaaay Space Chimps. Times have changed...We not only get to leave the ER and come back later, we have glue.

Here, he sports the gauze.

And, here he sports the glue!


Shonda said...

Wow! I'm glad he's okay. Having two boys, I've made that type of ER trip several times (I have the bills to prove it).

I wish you could go to San Antonio! I'd love to meet you this weekend.
I'm excited about going this weekend. Be safe!

Engrafted by His Grace-

Jenn said...

What a brave little guy! So how was space chimps?

Amy said...

Can I please borrow level headed and very helpful Julia? Noah and Leah were not much help at all when Jonah busted his head open in Kohl's. Hopefully that was your last trip for a long while.