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Sunday, August 03, 2008

So much to celebrate

Happy Birthday Hazel Claire!!!

Saturday we went to a family event for my dad's family. I'll post more about it soon. Because, let's face it, being around your family always gives you thoughts on which to reflect. Mostly my thoughts are grateful. We have really awesome family. My kids love all their cousins. They were extremely sad to miss this cousin's birthday.
It's crazy when you have so many cousins, you wake up on Saturday and actually have to choose which ones to see! I told you we were blessed.

Look at this...
What we missed on Andrew's side of the family Saturday.

Hazel Claire is absolutely the cutest one-year-old I know. When I see cuteness of this magnitude I just reminisce. I loved the first baby girl turning one. I, too, made an awesome pink cake for the event. JC's #1 was golden and I think HC's was pretty golden too!

We are so excited that Hazel is one because she's just that much closer to getting to visit her crazy cousins' house for a few days. Seriously, Tracy, the kids are asking.

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