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Friday, August 22, 2008

Proof of Happily Ever After

I told you there was proof of our July 4th anniversary celebration at the Smith's. Cris and Linda with all the grandkids (even Chloe) in matching t-shirts. Tracy had this brilliant idea to get t-shirts printed with a picture of Cris and Linda from 1970ish. It was awesome! See what forty years produced...quite a good-looking legacy!
The oldest and youngest...JC and HC. Like names, like personalities. The Smiths!
Here's the crew at dinner...it might just be all of us. We had a great celebration! Notice the wedding themed decorations. Thanks to Heather and Tracy the table was festive in Smith tradition!
The happy couple celebrates on the dance floor to a live DJ who gave them their own dance. Special or embarrassing? Depends which Smith you are!

What separates the good parties from the great? Ice cream. Aunt Tracy always captures Hunter eating...imagine that!
My boys Smith!

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