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Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day

Here are some lessons I learned this first day of school:

1. No matter how early we get up, we need to get up twenty minutes earlier.

2. No matter how close we park, it will take thirty minutes to walk everyone to class.

3. No matter how excited your firstborn son is about starting kindergarten, expect tears and bring Kleenex. Expect mom tears and baby tears to last awhile. Pray firstborn son stays brave and strong!

4. Instead of making a To Do List for school hours, make a Things To Do With Baby List.

5. Having a clean house isn't as important today as it was yesterday when they were all here at home making lots of noise.

On his way...The first day. What a grown-up little guy! He loves his sports t-shirts and Spiderman backpack. He makes us so proud!


Shonda said...

oh yeah! I remember those days. I'm glad you're taking lots of pictures.

Renee said...

Wow, 3 kids in school. Are you crying yet?!!

Jenn said...

I hope your kiddos enjoyed their first week of school! Enjoy your alone time with your little one.