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Saturday, August 02, 2008


We've entered the land of gaming. This game is the only one that we are digitally coordinated enough to play so far. Yep, you can read that right. It's a kiddy game that is totally rad! We're having a blast.

You see, Andrew's been doing grocery shopping at Sam's each Saturday this summer. Last week, he finally came home with that TV he's been talking about for weeks. Yes, it's nice, the picture's clear and I am happiest with the fact that it's smaller than the big black box.

The game's are fun but they are now for weekends only and stopping is hard. I am hoping the newness wears off a little and we don't stay up all night every time we turn it on!

Anyway, it is fun. The kids are getting used to me stomping all over them!!! :) Gotta go. It's my turn!


Marina said...

sounds like you all are having fun !
menopause is crazy and that is the same question I keep asking when does it end I know for everyone its different but the doctors told me these when I was 37 too and now I am 40 something and I want to know "please how much more": ) a women can only take so much of menopause with kids.LOL have a nice weekend

Renee said...

Looks fun! The kids love the Playstation games too...especially the big kid Trey who is really into Civilization right now. Personally, I like any of the karate fighting games. All you have to do is punch a bunch of buttons and you can win -- no coordination or skill required. Just luck!