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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We heart S. Padre

Way back in June when summer was still new (and somewhat cool) we took a trip to South Padre. It was my first trip here and we loved it! We piled and then squeezed (literally) into the car and left as the sun was rising.

Leaving Palmer was hard but, well, diaper-free. Need I say more?
We went with some friends. The kids had a blast together but I think the adults had more fun! Sitting by the pool each night until they kicked us out, we played the ultimate spades tournament. (Of course, the Smith team was victorious but winning's not all that important, right?)

This trip was not slow paced at all but amidst all the fun and frenzied activities, I found rest. It was extremely relaxed even though we didn't sleep very much.

Things we recommend are the sailing, snorkel tour. Fun for all ages!

Parasailing, not for the faint of heart! Julia was begging to go again, while she was still in the air!

Mexico. Heckling, bartering, margaritas, souvenirs fun, fun, fun and hot, hot, hot!

The beach. After you lug all your junk there, it's pretty comfy and, well, cheap and, after all, it is the beach.

Touring the lighthouse and visiting the sea rescue was fun. We saw some interesting stuff and took some great pictures.

We watched dolphins on a late afternoon cruise. The kids loved the pirate stories! Can't wait for the pirate ship to open and start tours. Would be so much fun!

Stay at a hotel that offers free breakfast. The kids might get tired of it after the first day or so, but at least it's one meal you know they'll eat (because you won't leave the hotel if they don't) and it has already been paid for somewhere!Things we recommend but could barely afford.

Eating pizza by the pool. (We could've eaten Outback at home for the price of delivery.) This was worth it because, well, it was convenient!

This was one of our best vacations and makes me look forward to the future with big kids. Fun stuff!


Shonda said...

What great memories to savor!

I have photos of my boys in the mouth of that shark too!

What a precious and beautiful family!

Love & blessings--
Engrafted by His Grace-

Amy said...

What fun!!! Those are the best vacations and memories. Looks like you all did some awesome things. Your kids were very brave and couageous (and so were the parents who watched and let them) I am sure your mom and Palmer had fun without you. Are you still enjoying your new hair-do?

Jenn said...

A few years ago when we had a 5 year old and a 1 year old we left the 1 year old at home so we could take the 5 year old to WDW. It was sad to leave him but great because he would not have enjoyed Disney.

Looks like an amazing time - thanks for sharing your pics.