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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Time to Dance

Over the Fourth of July, we celebrated Cris and Linda's fortieth wedding anniversary. First, I'd like to publicly say how thankful I am for their legacy of love, commitment and devotion.

I have watched them over the last twelve years. They have merged two lives into one over and over again. Two dreams have become one. The responsibilities of two have become the burden of one. The dream of one has become sacrifice for two.

Thank you for choosing one another over and over. I am so thankful to have become part of your legacy and your family. I hope you had a very special anniversary.

We planned a little celebration. One of the best kinds. Heather flew in for a small surprise. It was very special.

We packed tons of activity in for all those grandkids (when I say grandkids I mean mainly my kids...all five of them :)) From boating, skiing and tubing to picnic lunches and swimming in the not-so-hot tub and golf cart rides and swimming pools to a dinner at the local fajita joint we had a very memorable day.

Dinner was one of my favorite memories. Although, to be honest I was dreading it. Who takes out their four young children after a long day in the sun for a nice family dining experience anyway? It turned out perfect. Cris and Linda wore their bride and groom ball caps and drank their Ameritas (red, white and blue margaritas) in true good sportsmanship.

There was a live DJ at the restaurant and after we ate we all went on the patio to dance a little due to the kids' incessant begging. (If they ate well, they could go dance.)

As we all danced together to the Pointer Sisters motivated by giving the children a little fun something happened. We got lost in the magic of the moment. For that one second in time all was perfect. Everyone was happy. Problems were gone. Laughter and music permeated the air.

Suddenly, a transformation took place and we were dancing out of love and gratitude celebrating what forty years had brought forth. Misty eyes were smiling through the dance...laughing at the dance. It is a scene that will remain etched in my mind forever..."a time to laugh...and a time to dance." (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

The Smith family.

For a minute, it was a movie.

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Nasia said...

Good words.