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Monday, July 21, 2008

Those Shoes

I recently heard someone say that an idol is "anything I can't stop thinking about."
It struck me.

I decided to spend time paying attention to what I actually think about all day long.

Things like how much time I spend wondering if those really great brown shoes are on sale yet.

How can I get the chlorine green out of Alyssa's hair before school starts.

What would really clean the grout in my kitchen floor or make the kids' bathroom smell like I actually clean it.

How can I rearrange the furniture in my bedroom and what can I get rid of so I don't feel so crowded in my own house.

My schedule for the day or the week. When will we swim, what day for haircuts, which babysitter?

Money issues. Did I spend too much? Was the decision wise? What's really necessary?

I spend LOTS of time thinking about time. Mainly how I don't have enough of it. Frustration over not being able to have a long enough quiet time or just be at home about the home.

I had a moment when I finally understood.

You see, I learned a long time ago how very important it is to "take every thought captive." (2 Cor. 10:5) I meditated on this truth always when I was single, very single and longed to be married, very married with a family.

I have always felt like seeing the importance of something is winning half the battle (or more). If you know you have a problem, you can at least do something about it. Right?
Well, I've since come to realize the opposite is true.

The more I become aware of my need and reliance on Christ, the more time I must spend with him. In his Word. In contemplative prayer. Meditating on his truths. More.
Paul was wrestling with this also in Romans 7. "For in my inner being I delight in God's law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. "
Why is it that my heart loves the Lord so much but my body longs for a pair of pathetic (but cute!) brown shoes?
Why is it hard to show love to friends and exercise patience at home? Because I need rescuing! Every second of every day. I need more of my Rescuer. More.

The cry of my heart has become more. More, Lord, more. More of You.



Bev Brandon said...

I love the way you let your reader, your friends, look into your heart and it is a beautiful one! Isaiah 42:6---God says to you I am taking your right hand Lisa cause it's empty of those idols, even shoes, and I have taken your empty hands to ME and am making you a Light. What a very sweet comment you posted on my blog and thank you so much!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Oh how I long for more...to be in His Presence instead of thinking about moving and school starting and work and childcare!!

I just pray for His help through all of this!!!

Love you.

Marina said...

Hi, I just found you on Bev's blog and I really love what you wrote I have the same promblem with my thoughts and idols. I pray the Lord will help me out with those things.marina

Shonda said...

I'm so familiar with the war --loving the Lord and my pathetic flesh. I too need rescued by my Redeemer, Savior. I like the Homerun Testimony below--he keeps his eyes on HIS savior. I need to stay more focused on the Savior and less focused on my shoes. I am a shoe-a-holic! They wont even fit in my closet anymore. I went looking at shoes again today, but passed them on by & shocked my husband. I wanted to buy them, but then they didnt look as appealing in the store as on the internet.
Great post!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and greeting me.

I look forward to coming back again. Lots of blessings to you in Christ!

Engrafted by His Grace-

Josh & Tiffany said...

Just to let you know ... to get the chlorine green out of her blonde hair you need to take her to a salon that gives Malibu Treatments... and then buy the shampoo as well and have her use it. Malibu shampoo and conditioner , it comes in a blue bottle... sorry I really liked what you had to say, but I got distracted because I knew the answer to one of your problems!

Angie Love said...

It is amazing how many times I read your blog and am going through so much of the same "heart" issues you are! Really, when I read this the other day I was crying out to the Lord...I have a book I have to read for work, the house, the bottles, the laundry...and I was trying to "fit" in my quiet time. So, I am crying out for more of His time and everything else is taking care of itself.

On a side note...Helen has this amazing chemical (called Wipe Out) that goes on tile and "eats" the dirt from grout. No lie. I love the stuff! My grout is always amazingly white...even my father-in-law noticed! It just goes down and in a few minutes gets mopped up!