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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Real Fiesta

Fiesta Texas was so much fun! The kids love all the "characters" and the excitement is just contagious. We got up early Sunday morning and were there when it opened. It was a nice overcast day so it wasn't too terribly hot.
We rented a stroller. After four children, all my strollers are broken. This was the best $20 I have ever spent at an amusement park. Their strollers are made to maneuver their courses. It made life great. But, you can see who pushed who all day!
Andrew and Julia are the thrill seekers. Alyssa and I are the observers on these types of outings. Hunter can be talked into any ride and Palmer threw a bunch of fits because he wasn't big enough to go!
Since our family motto has become, "Divide and conquer!" We poofed Hunter's hair so he was tall enough to go with Andrew.
One ride operator even had the gall to push it down to measure him after he had waited in this really long line!

My adrenaline rush came in the form of a phone call while I was waiting at the exit of the Wagon Wheel. It was Andrew saying, "Hunter's hurt himself. First Aid is on their way. You need to come right away." I F.R.E.A.K.E.D.

He had gotten his hand shut in the cage as it was closing. Really, just a small pinch. But, haz mat had to come and clean his blood out of the seat. It was honestly one of the scariest moments of my life. Yet, another one that made us famous (slightly). All day long, "Is your son's hand okay?"

We were so thankful he was okay. He got to spend some time with Mom getting TLC, drinking a $12.99 Sprite and helping with Palmer (aka riding kiddy rides).
I'm not kidding about the Sprite. The $12.99 price includes a keepsake sports bottle which you can refill for free on the day of purchase. So, we drank $12.99 worth of soda instead of water which was $4.00 a bottle. Go figure. Seriously, the man in front of me (when I was getting the "free" refill of soda, bought seven hamburgers and seven small cokes for $105.81! They were hamburgers not even cheeseburgers! As if they hadn't already overcharged us enough to get in the park in the first place...If I'm spending that on a meal, I'm going to Christopher's.

Andrew then let them all play a game and win a prize. Julia chose a hat (big surprise),

Alyssa chose a snake (which she named Pablo) and Hunter a Batman cape. Palmer, of course, got candy. Home runs all around!
We heart Fiesta Texas!


Amy said...

What a fun trip!!! We have never been to Fiesta TX. Your pics were awesome!!! Glad you are able to support the Snake Farm. I am sure it is one place we would drive right by. Looks like you are enjoying your summer. it is going by so fast. How awesome that you are able to have a spontaneous husband and that you can react so quickly to his whims. What a great couple. Making plans for your 11 year anniversary?

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am glad you are having fun.

Alex got his thumb smashed in the rink door at Artic Ice yesterday (that is where they are this week) and they had to call me, scary...his poor finger is blue.

CuriousSaint said...

yea! i didn't know you had a blog! what fun! i will add you to our list-and i will have to show carson! looks like you guys had great fun:)

CuriousSaint said...

p.s. our blog is: kerbels.blogspot.com