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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On our way...

to San Antonio we had lots of fun.
Palmer was "easy" to entertain.Our new no food, drink or even water in the new car rule was quite a challenge but saved us from eating out of boredom!

We, of course, visited our traditional stop, The Snake Farm. This is a really fun, expensive ($42 for our whole family) way to kill almost an hour. Seriously, we've held snakes, boa constrictors and lemurs. This time we saw a baby monkey that had just been born that morning. Cool! Especially for animal lovers.The boys loved the snakes. Palmer was entranced.

Hunter was very brave.
The Snake Farm.

When we get super rich, we are going to spend another $68 or so there so we can all have a t-shirt. Wouldn't that be an awesome Christmas photo op?
The Snake Farm
And, then, of course, we swam it all out at the hotel before dinner!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I would love to see y'all in the t-shirts...so fun!!

The Peahen said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome trip! I was just thinking today about how I would love to get to Schlitterbahn & eat at the Grist Mill! A girl can dream... The kids look GREAT! We miss you guys so much!

Jenn said...

Hi Lisa- I have been in and out of the blog world and today I am playing catch up. I can not believe I am three page behind on your blog!! I am going to spend to some time catching up on your life this afternoon - I may not post a comment on each one but I wanted to let you know I stopped by today! :o)

Looks like a wonderful trip. :o)