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Monday, July 07, 2008

Life with My Fun Man

Friday night I fell into bed at midnight after an extremely long but very fun-filled day jam-packed with boats, swimming and lots of lakey Fourth of July things on Lake Conroe. Literally, I collapsed.

8:00 AM: I am suddenly startled awake by a very stinky diaper. I jump up, change the diaper, bathe the child, do two loads of stinky laundry, put cartoons on and kiss and cover each child.

9:00 AM: I stretch out on my bed to "plan" our day with Andrew.

10:00 AM: I am reading my Bible and drinking a cup of coffee. aaaaah!

11:00 AM: The phone rings.

I spring into a Taz-like frenzy, jump in the shower, throw my make-up on, pack five suitcases, while making a dozen calls to find a wonderful friend to watch our dogs.

12:22 PM: I am in my loaded down car with my five favorite people on my way to a San Antonio, dinner on the riverwalk, Fiesta Texas overnight getaway!

This is life with a man who commits spur-of-the-minute, a spontaneous soul that always has time for fun.

I love, love, love his ability to just do it and figure it all out later. Seriously, I like to think it through a little more and this can honestly resort in my ability to talk myself out of many fun opportunities. This pick-up-and-go spontaneity is one of the reasons I fell in love with and married this man.

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