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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Get Outta My Dreams

Get into my car...

Doo bop bop de doo...

Remember the 80's?

I got a new car. One that's a lot closer to the car in my dreams than the one I drove last week.

But, I'm not wearing magnets on it so you might see me around town but you just won't know it's me.


Well, number one, I'm taking defensive driving. Besides being a little silly and extreme, it is a great reminder about what can happen when you are a distracted driver.

Which bring me to number two. Do you think a mother of four that possesses an iPhone is a little distracted?

And, the third reason is that in the past week alone, two, yes, two, drivers have felt it necessary to roll down their windows just to berate my driving...Can you say road rage? I mean, really, I'm not ever in a hurry. I have even been trying to be a good driver. One time I'm not sure what I did to warrant the yelling but the driver definitely felt relief when he rolled down his window, shook his finger at me and then did the backwards stare driving on down the road. I know this stare, I have a husband. (At least my husband never rolls down the window.)

The second lady did this at a stop sign deal. You know, the ones where there are four stopped cars who all got there at the same time and you all spend two minutes waving until someone just goes? I went. She did some neck aerobics while shaking her finger and wagging her tongue at me. I smiled and waved.

Seriously people, find something better to get enraged about. We have outrageously high gas prices, our nation is headed to a grisly presidential battle and teen pregnancy is at an all time high. Find a more noble issue.

Then make me a bumper sticker or better yet some new magnets.

That read, "It's summer, I have four kids, I drive a huge Suburban, I have an Iphone and I AM A DISTRACTED DRIVER. I am surrounded by God's angels and don't wish to make you mad. Get over it and God bless you!"

Any other suggestions?

1 comment:

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I want a bumper sticker that says "Grace and Mercy are real".

That is all I have to say!!