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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

family fiesta '08

The riverwalk...We ate dinner at Casa Rio, our fav! It's where I discovered that I love lucas on guac...mmmmm.

We also love the mariachis and colorful umbrellas. This is one of the few places where Andrew enjoys dining outside!
Let me tell you about our little blessing. It cost our family a whopping $24 to ride the river taxi to dinner.
Can you say, "Wow!"? Anyway, we jumped on the boat and told the driver we were headed to Casa Rio and a really nice lady turned to us and handed us a gift certificate they were not going to use. It was $25 to Casa Rio. So totally cool! Thanks, lady and thanks, God!

The river boat/taxi was cool and the kids made friends with everyone, of course. We took a gajillion pictures and Palmer didn't look at the camera in ANY of them...Until this nice man, his new best friend re-taught him how to say, "Cheese!" And, presto! He loved the camera.

It was hilarious!

Our first brush with famousness came as we were stepping off the boat/taxi. The kids all felt the need to touch the sides of the boat and all. The older three touched and came to our sides. Palmer touched and leaned and kept touching as the boat/taxi was pulling away. When Andrew turned around Palmer was stretched as far as a baby could stretch and not go crashing into the famous river. All night long people would pass us and say things like, "Nice save, Dad." or "Great catch!" Secretly I thought the attention was cool. This was just because my baby was alright!
More about our Fiesta Texas adventures tomorrow...


Renee said...

Looks so fun! We are going to San Antonio (Sea World) also end of July. We are not going on our annual beach trip this year...sad but it will still be fun! Glad you guys had a great time.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am glad Palmer is ok!!

It looks like y'all are having fun...get someone to take a picture of the whole family.