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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Trippy Trip and Newsy News

This Mother's Day weekend was very special. We started by picking the girls up early at school--a surprise and setting out for Galveston.

We stopped at the Kemah Boardwalk where we rode some rides. This place is perfect for our family. There is enough adventure for the folks who love adrenaline and enough park benches for the folks who love observing. Perfect. The weather, perfect also. Perfect evening.
Then we ate at Saltgrass. Why didn't I know about this place? All I can say is Yumm-eeee! Affordable, kid-friendly and yummy. Again, a perfect fit.
Then we got to Galveston. Andrew and the kids unloaded the car (Happy Mother's Day to me!) and lo and behold what did he find in his suitcase? His long lost Aggie ring! Yaay!

While they were lugging luggage and locating lost rings, I was at Walmart buying myself a Ped Egg. This is basically a cheesegrater with sandpaper on the end and it does wonders for a tired mommy's heels. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Saturday was a fun and relaxing day. Andrew took Hunter and Julia to Schlitterbahn. Alyssa, Palmer and I spent the day at the hotel pool. Palmer took two naps, I read a book and Alyssa swam to her heart's delight. As precious Palmer was sleeping in my lap, I was running my fingers through his hair and what did I find?

A nasty, disgusting, gross, blood-sucking, attached to his scalp tick! I gag just typing this!

One of my worst childhood memories is of a tick. It was on my stomach and my loving mother and doting grandmother tried to burn it off of me. All I can remember is the terrifying feeling of being burned alive!

I discovered the nasty thing, stopped a "random" lady at the pool (Where is my husband when I need him?)...the lady happens to be an EMT and a nurse. She says, "Burn it off!" UGH! I proceeded to use alcohol and tweezers to remove the vermin from my baby's pure scalp. When he began running a 102 degree fever a couple of days later I began to rethink this theory. After much Internet research on Lime's disease and all manner of tick causing infirmity I have come to the conclusion that it was a terrible coincidence.

Ticks. Ugh! I removed one from my baby's head. I went to bed polishing my mother trophy on Mother's Day!


Renee said...

Ah, gotta love ticks, lice and chiggers! And I went through them all. My best story is when my grandmother poured gasoline in my hair and covered it with a towel to kill the lice. I smelled lovely for a while...but it worked!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Oh ticks, I had one on my stomach when I was little...my dad was a pro at pulling them out!!

I am glad y'all had a great time.

Oh and by the way I told the man in Target that I had ten minutes to find three baby items and he totally did it for me!!!

Mark said...

Saltgrass...oh how I miss it! I love the grilled chicken sandwich, the delicious bread, and Flo's Filet Mignon! When we lived in Dallas I had the number to the local Saltgrass programmed into my cell phone...did I mention the best chicken tortilla soup in the world??
As for ticks, none on Noah, but when we rescued Dixie from impending doom at the local shelter she had tons! We had to use tweezers to pluck those nasty little bugs from her...I do not like them.
I have spent the last few weekend at the doctor with Noah...he can't seem to shake a nasty fever and congestion. Poor baby!
Miss you...only 7 more months until you get to meet him and I get to hug your neck!
Love you friend!

Angie Love said...

OK, just for the record...it was me leaving the post for you...not Mark...hee, hee!

Bryan and Elise said...

ewww!!! I remember my dad pulled a tick off me that was behind my ear! gross...

Jenn said...

Glad you had a nice mother's day. Sorry about the tick - ugh - I would have freaked.

So what do you think about the Ped Egg? I have wondered if it works.

Angie Love said...

I am so proud of your Ped-Egg purchase! You know my feet quirk ;-). I am headed to get my monthly pedicure tomorrow. I can't wait! Love you!