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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Toothless Ali

Right before I left town, Alyssa lost her front tooth.
I was really waiting until she lost the other one to post a picture. I love those toothless 6-year-old pictures. I love that silly toothless kid lisp.
I love Alyssa or Ali as she's going by these days. Her most recent nickname is Ali. A regular variation of her name nickname, Ali really could be short for Alyssa.
Gone is Sparky, Zooboomafoo and Jolly; lost forever to grown-up six-year-old maturity or so it seemed. But, just this morning she wrote her name at church...Samuel B. Cookie. (B is for Bunny.) She not only wrote it that way on her bookmark, she insisted on all the teachers calling her that! Her wonderful teachers lovingly obliged. Can you imagine? "Katie, can you say our verse?" "Jacob, your turn." "Ahem, Samuel B. Cookie?"
She still acts like a squirrel at the dinner table and loves speaking like Sylvestor (the toothless cat). In every large family there is always one creative type that sorta brightly colors the picture...Gotta love the Animal Angel and her missing tooth!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Isn't fun when they start becoming their own person? :o)

I love the toothless grin too.