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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Cup of Tea

Where have I been? I've been here writing in my journal. I've had to escape the clack of the keys, flashing of my sidebar updating and constant announcement that "I've got mail."

I've had a time of returning to the wonderful feel of a pen in my hand, flourishing across a page creating words. Stringing together curly letters to form stories from my heart with my hand.


In a place much quieter than standing at the kitchen counter with the laptop I call friend, my heart has needed absolute stillness in the secret place with the One who calls me friend.

Life is moving at a rapid pace filled with so much constraining responsibility. For the last couple of weeks I'd been telling God that I couldn't go on like this. I'd been asking him why he would bless me with so much if I couldn't manage all he'd given me with grace.

One of my daily prayers is that I would be able to drink the cup I've been given with as much faith and grace as Christ did on his lifelong journey to the cross. Remember when he asked God the Father to "Take this cup from me? Yet not my will but thine." I was there. I was almost convinced that I was all wrong for the this job called my life. Needless to say I needed rest. I needed a break. I needed to regain perspective. I needed to rest my body so my soul could see clearly.

This weekend I had the opportunity and privilege to go on a wonderful retreat with a church that the Lord has been using for over fifteen years to grow and encourage me. I found the rest my body and soul were craving. I never leave this place disappointed.

There will be more posts about this weekend coming. Thank you so much to Andrew, Cris and Linda, Dad and Dina and Tracy and Matt for all pitching in so that this worn out mother of four could leave this busy place of life and go. I will be forever in debt to you.

Here was Friday night arriving at a quiet, joyful, sacred place after another crazy, chaotic, tiring day:

When I see you
Just look at you
Tears spring to my eyes.

New hope is born
Life comes to a place
So deep, I don't think
It's ever been alive before now.

As this hope grows
Invading the dark places
Of death and pushing out all fear

Longing is squeezed into nothing.
As my hope is ignited
My dreams take flight.

As you return my gaze
Piercing my stares with your eyes,
Your loving eyes
Embrace me.

Courage returns to a once full
But recently drained cup.
Grace makes the transformation
Quick, painless, easy.

As you take my breath away
With your longing
I lift my hands in praise.

My destiny is fulfilled...
In You


Wilhelmine Mitchell said...

God is filling you and using you for wonderful things. The children will one day rise up & call you blessed! You put my poems to shame.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Praise Him that He has blessed you so much and that He gives rest to the weary!!!

Love you.

Amy said...

So glad you got a break and feel refreshed. I am in the midst of planning our Women's retreat. I pray that our women go away feeling the same as you. You are an amazing and talented woman. Thanks for sharing your life with us all. I love you.