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Thursday, March 27, 2008


I guess I just can't feel good about posting, in a timely manner, about Easter when I still have things left from Christmas that I need to post. So, I didn't even get a picture of my gorgeous Easter egg colored family last Sunday.

Let's just say Julia and I matched in pink and black. I was loving that! She got up extra early to curl her hair and wear a pink beret. Nobody start singing; it wasn't quite raspberry.

Alyssa in all her newfound maturity wanted to wear her hair like "Hannah Montana." Afterall, it is the same color, a long beautiful blonde. She wore a special skirt and blouse, one "Gramma would love." However, we had changed out of it long before we arrived at Gramma's house.

Hunter is just Hunter and will always be my handsome man with that beautiful smile.

Palmer wore his sweet big boy khakis and a black and white gingham shirt. I could just eat him up.

We had a fine time reflecting on what Jesus did for us and taking a trip to Gramma and Grampa's to celebrate that with family.

I am posting Aunt Tracy's take on the day. She sums it up perfectly...and took pictures!

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