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Thursday, March 27, 2008

compliments of mrs. smith (and her blog)

this easter at the smiths was really fun for me. the college station smiths are growing up faster than i can believe. last easter hunter was turning 4... now he's rapidly approaching 5.

kindergarten is on the horizon and and his sweet baby face has turned into a lean big-kid face - tho still sweet as can be. julia and alyssa are the trail blazing big kids. i watched them to see all that's to come for hazel claire. alyssa with her spanish proficiency that is rapidly overtaking my own. and julia - with all her fashion know-how and tween tendencies is pretty entertaining.
watching the two of them in particular was... overwhelming and exciting and it brought tears to my eyes for some reason. girls are just awesome.

and then... there's the baby, aka palmer. when he hears the word baby he points to himself and says beebee! he is all smiles and - like his big brother - sweet as can be. he won over uncle matt again with his contemplative style. with his hands behind his back he surveyed the scene all afternoon. back and forth, inside and outside he walked slowly, but with purpose, watching the kids and adults smiling the whole time. what a cutie!!!

and of course there was the easter bunny. the easter bunny is a very generous bunny. each smith grandkid was asked to sit on his/her mat (including the hc) and then they each received a basket over flowing with books, toys and a bathing suit!! how perfect for the lake :) that easter bunny is a smart one.

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