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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day is Special

"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands." Isaiah 49:16

Our littlest Valentine is two today!

Cute as he can be.

Full of love and mischief.

He's learned to babble in syllables and knows many words.

Bottle, basketball, baby and haircut (while pulling on his hair) are some favorites.

Naming people in our family is fun.

He's learned to hug and kiss and high five.

He runs and jumps and wrestles.

He cuddles like a baby.

He laughs from his belly.

He loves to eat and isn't picky.

He begs to drink my coffee every morning by pointing and asking for "co-ee, eez" and blowing twice because he knows it's "ot, ot". I even found him at the sink drinking from my morning coffee mug...at 6:00 PM!

He can slip his Crocs on by himself while he's standing up.

He wears any and every pair of shoes he can find. He loves shoes!

He plays with cars and trucks and Legos...Like the big kids. He jumps on the trampoline and off...Like the big kids.

He loves to be held and when you put him down he refuses to straighten out his legs or let go of my neck.

I love to feel his little hand in mine. I know it won't always be small.

Today he's two.

May it be engraved in my heart and mind forever.


JungWoo Hong said...

Dear Palmer
happy birthday!
Palmer what did you get?
Did you get a bottle?
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you you look like a monkey happy birthday to

from J.w

p.s Palmer!

Today is a special day for me.
You grow up very quickly.
You look so really hansome.
Oh~~I miss you so much.I love you.
Happy birthday.
Love,Hyeong Sook

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...


I can't believe you are two.

Love you,
Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex