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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Sick Sack

This is it. What I barfed in today on our flight to Atlanta.

The landing was a little bumpy. We circled the airport awhile waiting to land.

I lost it, my breakfast bagel and Starbuck's light mocha frap. Gone. Instantly. Inside a little blue sick sack.

My worst traveling fear was realized today. I threw up on the airplane. Everybody heard, turned around and had pity while they silently said a prayer thanking God it wasn't them.

On the bright side...

I was sitting beside Andrew, who lovingly held my hair back, gave me paper towels and told me to fasten the sack as soon as I could remove my head.

The stewardess was right there with ice water and Kleenex.

I actually felt better afterwards.

And, lastly, I DIDN'T MISS!

Thank God for the those little blue bags.


Amy said...

Way to go!! I am right there with ya sister. We should never travel by plane together alone. We would have no one to hold our hair back. Andy was very sweet. Chris gets soooo embarrassed. But in his defense last time, we were sitting in the back and I was in denial about what was going to happen so I threw up in the aisle. Luckly we were bay ourselves in the back. I felt horrible for the poor stewardes. Have a wonderful trip and don't think about the flight home. Love ya!!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Oh my!! I am glad you made the sack!!!
I am praying for the ride home...but worse case scenerio, Andrew gets to be sweet to you again...win-win situation.
Love you.